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I have a new granddaughter arriving in about 3 months. For her I am trying a new quilt pattern and process. This is the first time I've ever starched my fabrics, and I like it. They stretch and distort less, it is almost like sewing paper together. The pattern is a Twister Quilt, made with a special Twister template. The first picture is the first step of all the blocks sewn together, that was Friday night. The template is a clear square with an X marked on it at 30 degrees. The X goes over the seams between 4 blocks and then you cut along the outsides of the template, turned to the right and sew together in the order they were cut. It sounds confusing, and until I was really doing it I was lost. There are Twister Quilt tutorials online if you're interested. Anyway, the second picture is Saturday night. Now all I need is borders and I can take it to the longarm shop on Saturday. Last I checked the shop had a backlog of 8 weeks for quilts to be done. Quarantine has been good for them. I have a second grandchild coming in April, so as soon as I know gender I will ask the mom for her color preferences and I will do it again. It's really fun. I'll also be posting pictures when the finished product is done. I do think I need more contrast in the colors, but other than that I'm pleased as punch with this, and the mom likes it too.

HippieChick58 9 Oct 4
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Beautiful work! Great news about your upcoming grandbaby! 😘😘😄



bobwjr Level 9 Oct 5, 2020

New baby !!!!!!♥️♥️♥️

Pralina1 Level 8 Oct 4, 2020

What amazing gifts you're giving them - it's beautiful, and I'm sure they'll treasure it always as they get older. And congrats!

Lauren Level 8 Oct 4, 2020

My son just picked up his baby blanket, he couldn't believe we had held onto it.

@glennlab That's so sweet! Does that mean they have more news, or was it just as a momento? 😉

@Lauren His now wife wanted to see pictures of him growing up, so he and I went true the baby box and all my old pictures. He left with 2 boxes of stuff. Really glad I kept it. I have too afgans my grandmother knitted that I'm going to pass on to him.

@glennlab That's so sweet! I'm glad you kept it, too. I have a cedar chest that's the "hope chest" my father gave my mother on her 16th birthday that I've kept family stuff in, and I had my sister and mother over a couple of months ago and we went through the contents. It was a wonderfully touching afternoon. My own daughter is still at that "I really don't want all that old stuff" phase, but I'm holding on to it for when she changes her mind.

@Lauren I was surprized and pleased when it happened. I remember doing something similar with my mother when I was about his age. It is a great bonding experience. I hope you and your daughter get to have that together life review soon. But no matter, I'm sure it will come.


Beautiful work!

And congratulations on the grandchildren!


Great job!

glennlab Level 9 Oct 4, 2020
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