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I got a "new toy". I have one similar, it is larger, and I made a quilt top with it already. The quilt is in the longarm shop being quilted, when it is finished I will post pictures. My disappointment with the process for the quilt is that there is some fabric waste. They do point out you can use the waste and make another quilt, so I gave that a try. Of the pictures I have added, I show the Itty bitty twister tool, is is 1.5 inches square. The second is the quilt for the new granddaughter that is at the long arm shop now, it was made with the midi twister tool, the blocks are about 4" square. The third and fourth are hot pads I made with the itty bitty twister tool. The last one is a baby doll quilt made with with the itty bitty. It has the same colors as the quilt for the baby, I just moved some of them around, I think it is more pleasing. The baby doll quilt will be for the "old" granddaughter, she turns four at Christmas. The baby that the quilt is for will be her cousin. She is getting a baby doll and cradle and other items I will make as she is getting a sibling in April. After creating these tiny quilted things I think yes, I am crazy.

HippieChick58 9 Oct 17
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Beautiful work! ☺


WOW!! Nice work, they are lovely!


Very beautiful. What brand machine do you have? I have a ton of sewing experience (Design major, costume designer and upholstery. I still haven’t ventured into quilting, although I would love to.)

At one time there was only one brand.

I have a Baby Lock that is about 4 years old now. I spent over 30 years with a Pfaff.

@HippieChick58 My first Pfaff went to college with me. That brand is all I have ever owned (except some of the industrial ones)

@EyesThatSmile My Pfaff was purchased in Germany (Ex was military), our oldest child was 6 months old and it was my dad's birthday. It's funny how we remember stuff. That machine had so many miles on it and miles moved, it died finally when the upper computer board had enough. I made tons of kids and adult clothing, and quilts, curtains, and other decorations. My mom had a White sewing machine when we were growing up, and that was so slow compared to the Pfaff.


My ex-wife was a quilter. At least it gave her a use for her hands.

BitFlipper Level 8 Oct 18, 2020

Only that? 🤣

@Petter sadly, yes.


You have such a great eye for color. They're beautiful.

Lauren Level 8 Oct 18, 2020

Beautifully figured and done.

hankster Level 9 Oct 18, 2020

Lot of work , they're lovely !

Cast1es Level 9 Oct 17, 2020
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