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Here are two more from the 'Cubist Impression - Houghton Bay' series. The first is 'Cubist Impression - Houghton Bay #2 - Evening' and the second is 'Cubist Impression - Houghton Bay #5 - Night'. I think viewed with the others it gives a better idea of what it was I was attempting. I don't use social media for marketing, so I won't bore you with links to the print works for sale (I'm pretty careful in provenance authentication and retain the rights for print duplications unless otherwise clearly defined in sales contracts, just a tip for artists who sell their originals - only three commissioned works actually expressly forbid me from making prints from the originals). Anyhoo, I'll post more work in the future, if for nothing more to add some fuel to others' creative fires.

digifilm4 5 Nov 29
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Very nice work!

Hathacat Level 9 Nov 29, 2019