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I've not been creative lately so I'm attempting to motivate. Here are some of my problems! Can you relate????

Freespirit64 8 Jan 8
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When I look at others work, I see things I like.
But when I look at my work, it’s different and crazy, and I like it too.

I’d try to take this in stride. Research pictures of others work. Try a new craft. Allow yourself the break.

Annaleda Level 8 Jan 11, 2020

That's a recipe for misery for anyone - artist or not.


Depends on your expected end value . If you plan to make a living from your artistic talents , or if it's a hobby only for your own pleasure .

Cast1es Level 9 Jan 8, 2020

All of the above (at one time or another).


Number 5 is my issue 😐

Haemish1 Level 8 Jan 8, 2020
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