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Hi Ya'll, Just joined Agnostic. I've been a pro photographer for 50 years so joining this group made sense. I'm always looking for exhibiting venues that don't hundreds of $ . I live in Florida, so if anyone knows of any place, pls let me know. Thanks, Karl

Floriduhartist 5 Feb 29
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Nice shot!!....nam vet here also and a pro shooter since the mid 60s...if you're ever in the glades give a shout! based in the fl keys and go there often


This is titled, "Congress of Vultures." I visit the tree often, but this time a whole flock of vultures were there. I had never seen that before. Getting the one in flight made the picture!


Hello and welcome. Beautiful image! There is also a group named Photography that you might find of interest. []


Very good shot

glennlab Level 9 Feb 29, 2020

A Roseate Spoonbill, beautiful creature, seeing one makes my day.

MizJ Level 7 Feb 29, 2020

Nice shot on the fly.

Thank you! I have other shots "on the fly" on my bio. Sort of specialize in it. Here's one titled, "Old Red Eye."

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