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A support/advice group for those coping with a sexless marriage/relationship.

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Hello from the Pacific Northwest. Dead bedroom syndrome has been an unwelcome recurring dilemma in my life for seemingly ever.
rsb97080 Jan 25 Jan 25 11 comment
So he got a not-too-good prostate report, and I said it was too bad he hasn’t been “using” it, (his choice, many years) since he might not be able to shorty. I also suggested his abstinence has been unhealthy for it all along. Was that mean of ...
NJSnarky Jan 15 Jan 15 22 comments
Just found this group, although I am a member of a group with the same name on reddit. Don't go on the reddit group too much because I've gotten enough "red pill" replies to be nervous. Honestly never thought of looking here. But it makes me happy...
towkneed Nov 14 Nov 14 44 comments
Suffering in Silence: The Emotional Abuse of Men -- Dr. Timothy Golden. Re: Youtube
EdEarl Jan 7 Jan 7 22 comments
6 Reasons Your Partner Won't Have Sex With You There is only one reason that you may be the cause. Youtube
EdEarl Dec 20 Dec 20 33 comments
POLL So why are you in a dead bedroom relationship? Some of the most common reasons are below. If you pick "other", list your reason and I'll add it to the poll.
Spooner July 5 Jul 5 44 comments
[] Great article on the importance of intimacy in a relationship.
Spooner June 4 Jun 4 11 comment

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