Origins of Heaven and Hell

Discuss the origins of beliefs in heaven and hell. Why do so many people need to believe?

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Just watched a special about mothers that kill their children. In every case explored in this documentary, the mothers wanted to save their children from hell by killing them when they are young, before they have a chance to be tempted by the devil. ...
Elaine57 May 12 May 12 44 comments
ORIGINS OF HEAVEN AND HELL - A SIMPLE EXPLANATION I think the origins of heaven and hell are in the stories told by traveling story tellers. It was an attractive profession when being able to have a full meal, clothing and shelter were thought to ...
St-Sinner Apr 26 Apr 26 22 comments
kiinda of a bummer l even feel the need to post this LMAO
nogod Apr 14 Apr 14 22 comments
I’ve looked into the origins of Hell before. It seems there were various Greek and Hebrew myths of Hell before the bible was codified into one whole, but a really modern vision on Hell didn’t exist until the poet Dante Alighieri wrote the Divine ...
Denker Mar 31 Mar 31 66 comments
Outraged to read that: Rep. Stephanie Borowicz, a Republican from central Pennsylvania’s Clinton County, opened the day’s session with a prayer that called for the country to ask for God’s “forgiveness” for, in her view, turning away from ...
Elaine57 Mar 31 Mar 31 33 comments
Quoting Hitch, "Religious faith is, precisely because we are still-evolving creatures, ineradicable. It will never die out, or at least not until we get over our fear of death, and of the dark, and of the unknown, and of each other."
Larry-new Mar 29 Mar 29 11 comment
seems the dark lord aka Satan did very little evil whereas the Invisible Man in the Sky did it all the time. Need to get that straightened out I think
bookofmorons Mar 29 Mar 29 11 comment


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