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The attack on gun ownership is HEAVY after these horrible shootings. I hate to see anything so horrible happen (like any sane human being) but still am shocked by how liberal most atheists are, and how people will let their emotions guide them. I remember being in a facebook group over a year ago, fans of the Atheist Experience. I found out then how liberal and unwilling to talk atheists can be (just like any group). I just asked questions for what/why these people wanted "gun control" and I was eventually told I had dead children's blood on my hands and that I should just kill myself. LOL!

jackybeanstalk 4 Aug 6
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Gun control fanatics are spurred on by their emotions.

SpikeTalon Level 8 May 24, 2020

That they are.


It's not an attack on Gun Ownership. It's an attack on lack of background checks and an attack on military grade weapons being available to people who have a driving license. You can buy a gun when you are 18 but you can't drink alcohol until you are 21. HELLO. Gun rights my ass. Wake up. Kids are being shot DEAD. What's wrong with you guys

dermot235 Level 7 May 24, 2020

You sound just like the typical uninformed and ignorant gun control nut!

Does Trajan61 have ANY thing to say other than insult people. Obviously you are not interested in debating the issues or the facts


This is why I’m coming to grips with accepting being alone the rest of my life.

I’m an atheist, but a libertarian. Most women are leftist, like both my exes, and I’ll never go there again.

The remainder are mostly republican, which I could handle, but they are also very likely Christian, which I can’t.

So I need an atheist libertarian woman who also has to be compatible with me in many other ways.

I sure there’s at lease ONE woman out there somewhere who fits the bill.

And she’s probably married 😢

Dangrenade Level 6 Aug 15, 2019

Maybe you should try look for a woman you can fall in love with and not one that will agree with everything you believe in. Increase you chances maybe??


I was surprised also when I first joined. Hell a lot of the left wing, Trump bashing, gun grabbing liberals on here are a lot more extreme and hateful than the religious people.

Trajan61 Level 8 Aug 6, 2019

Maybe you should debate the facts instead of just labelling and insulting people you don't agree with

@dermot235 Why don’t you liberal left wing people try doing that! Hell facts seem to scare the hell out you liberals.

So why don't you debate the facts then. All I see is you insulting people. All that does is reflect badly on you and not the people you insult. I guess you don't see that

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