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Just found this site and am delighted!!
I gave up on the Republicans after Nixon and have never looked back.
I love Libertarians!!! They are so predicable -- put two of them together and almost at once, the knives come out!! Folks, calling someone with an opinion different than yours an idiot is NOT the way to win friends and influence people!!

I am mainly interest in the economics of the country -- mainly the money and what is happening to it. I think we are on the road to Venezuela and there is no turning back!! Look at what happened to Hertz when they had a minor setback. Every company in the country is in hock over their head!

I'm almost 92, and have seen a few things most of you have not. My father was a tenant farmer who worked for one dollar per day, from 1927 to 1936. In that period of time, he saved $1,000 dollars. Yes, we had a house, -- a 2 room tar paper shack, with a lean-to in the back for a kitchen. ( I still have my mothers wood burning stove). And yes, we were allowed to keep a cow, two hogs and as many chickens as we wanted. W e were also allowed to have a garden. We butchered the hogs, milked the cow, and lived out of the garden. My mother took 20 or 30 dozen eggs to the store every week and whatever the eggs brought was what we spent on groceries.

He took the $1,000 and bought a farm in1936. He had to borrow $600 dollars and that was the only money he ever borrowed in his life! I still have the farm and you can buy it today for one half million dollars! Sure, there have been a few improvements, but basically, I am no better off than my father was. Your money has depreciated that much!!!

The point of mt telling you all this is for you to see how much things have changed in one lifetime. And the change is accelerating! It took 40 years , from 1916 to 1956 for our money to loose 1/2 its purching power. It only 20 years, from 1956 to 1976 to loose another 1/2. From 1976 to 1986 it lost another 1/2.
we are now approching the time when we will be calculating the 1/2 life of our money in , not years but months and the days.

BigMac10 6 Mar 14
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Yeah, Libertarians love doing what we're best at: arguing with each other over relatively insignificant differences while the country falls apart. But hey, better than being the ones tearing the country apart! LOL

Janus819 Level 7 Mar 15, 2021

If we keep electing the looney democrats we will definitely face financial ruin in a few years.

Trajan61 Level 8 Mar 15, 2021

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Posted by BigMac10Just found this site and am delighted!! I gave up on the Republicans after Nixon and have never looked back.

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