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This group is for Atheists/Agnostics who are also libertarians. We do not think or believe that, absent a god, government should step in and function as Providence incarnate.

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The globalist are coming the globalist are coming hear ye hear ye the globalist are coming
Bushshaker Feb 18 Feb 18 11 comment
This is a question to American folks. I've come across quite a few Republican/Libertarian Christians on social media, and I'm under the impression that they seem to like keeping themselves "outraged" by sharing memes, YouTube videos, etc. about ...
Jetty Jan 29 Jan 29 55 comments
Well, all those "agnostics" who have substituted government as their god are really coming out of the woodwork in my latest post (The Proof: That God Exists). Check it out.
GlyndonD Jan 15 Jan 15 22 comments
Tonight might be a nice time to listen to 2112. I'll miss you Neil!
LEPeff Jan 10 Jan 10 00 comments
What are the damn liberals up to now? Youtube
RoboGraham Jan 7 Jan 7 00 comments
Swanson is wise.
RoboGraham Jan 4 Jan 4 11 comment
This is heartwarming
OldMetalHead Nov 7 Nov 7 33 comments
I remember what got me on the libertarian ban wagon. Abolish the income tax , IRS , and back good ole sales tax.
Bushshaker Oct 21 Oct 21 55 comments
1st amendment has separation of church and state right now we need an Admenment of separation between corporations and state. There are more lobbyist at the capital then congressman who runs this country
Bushshaker Oct 10 Oct 10 33 comments
I would not be at all surprised if he tries... []
jeshuey Oct 10 Oct 10 11 comment
People will claim this is a hoax!
LEPeff Sep 21 Sep 21 11 comment
Fellow libertarians , with these two parties as screwed up as they are I think it's time for a third party. I can see voters from both parties coming to the third.
Bushshaker Sep 18 Sep 18 55 comments
I think the mind reader was being generous.
LEPeff Sep 13 Sep 13 44 comments
Not a constitutional scholar.
LEPeff Aug 23 Aug 23 22 comments
The attack on gun ownership is HEAVY after these horrible shootings. I hate to see anything so horrible happen (like any sane human being) but still am shocked by how liberal most atheists are, and how people will let their emotions guide them. I ...
jackybeanstalk Aug 6 Aug 6 66 comments
Watching the Dem. And Rep. Go back and forth it feels good to be a libertarian. Better to be on the outside looking in.
Bushshaker July 18 Jul 18 33 comments
POLL 14 Benefits of Female Masturbation and Why Every Woman Should Do It | SELF
PontifexMarximus July 16 Jul 16 77 comments
I know there are a lot of Ayn Rand haters, even in this group (I'm sorry to say), but here are a couple of (fairly long) articles written by Onkar Ghate From ARI (Ayn Rand Institute) regarding Church/State separation I recommend. Part 1: ...
IAMGROOT May 19 May 19 11 comment
Trump must be special , he doesn't have to hand in his taxes, like the rest of us. Taxes can be difficult, buy I bet H.and R. Block can help.
Bushshaker May 7 May 7 44 comments
She will not be silenced!
LEPeff Feb 28 Feb 28 22 comments
Some questions can never be answered!
LEPeff Feb 28 Feb 28 22 comments
She is having one positive impact!
LEPeff Feb 28 Feb 28 11 comment
He's back for 2020, but he doesn't have hind sight!
LEPeff Feb 28 Feb 28 11 comment
He's back for 2020, but he doesn't have hind sight!
LEPeff Feb 28 Feb 28 00 comments
This press release is a big reason why I support the LP: []
IAMGROOT Feb 20 Feb 20 11 comment

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