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I don't know about you, but I've been doing Libertarian victory laps over the last few weeks. People are saying "Libertarianism Is Dead" as they watch their government die from money printing. Here are some thoughts:

  • No one will EVER debate that private property exists. Try going on a socialist's lawn with a cough, and find out how quickly they enforce private borders
  • Guns and ammo went almost as quickly as gold and silver. You can't find precious metals nearly anywhere
  • The first thing the government did was cut red tape to get out of the way of the actual things that needed doing
  • We've been warning about the Fed and money printing for decades. My friends thought I was crazy, telling them the last 2 years to get ready for the greatest economic collapse in the history of human kind. People are finally going to understand what money is again when milk is $30/gallon in the cooler, and $40 by the time you put it on the cash register. Bitcoin and precious metals will win out eventually.
  • Elon Musk just created thousands of ventilators. Others have found a way to make them with 3D printers, but it bumps up against patent law.
  • in a few weeks, we'll all be on our own. government will not be there to save us. We are entering into a very Libertarian world, good and hard, for better or worse.
MagnetarRocks 3 Mar 27
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It's going to get real bad, real quick, in how many more years?

yvilletom Level 8 June 30, 2020

Glad I bought a gun and enough ammo before all this shit lol

Janus819 Level 7 Apr 1, 2020

bitcoin, bullion, bullets, buttwipe...investment strategy for 2020


So many people seeming eager for government to expand its influence has me feeling uneasy.

It's going to get real bad, real quick.


I concur, and all good points there.

SpikeTalon Level 8 Mar 28, 2020
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