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How to Make Your Own Open-Source Voice Assistant With Raspberry Pi

Want an open-source alternative to Amazon's Alexa or the Google Assistant? Download Mycroft onto Raspberry Pi for a privacy-focused voice assistant.


FearlessFly 8 Dec 15
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I'm waiting to be able to purchase the new Mycroft hardware from somewhere other than Indigogo. It's the only assistant I'll let in the house.

ScubaWags Level 7 Dec 15, 2019

You can pretty much do it on any platform, not just Raspberry Pi. I've done it on this old 32-bit laptop running Devuan Linux. I'm doubtful it's privacy-focused, unless you set it up not to access the internet. I didn't get that far, but I was trying to.

bingst Level 8 Dec 15, 2019