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Windows 10 vs. Ubuntu Linux Performance On A $199 AMD Ryzen Laptop


FearlessFly 8 Feb 2
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Results as expected.

Just ordered the AMD Radeon VII and a water block (discontinued card and water block for the card (found them cheaper then last month)) for it and will soon pick up a 3950x etc. to build a Linux box for Blender and DaVinci Resolve. Don't think I will even bother with a windows install.


I did not read through the complete report but. did follow the link to Walmart. A price of $279 came up.

I don't know about Ubuntu 20 but I have previously put Linux Ubuntu versions on very small or old laptops up to 20 years old bought at swap meets or garage sales for a few dollars. They have without fail outperformed residual orphaned Windows systems appropriate to the machines.

I am currently running a $50. 4 core Linux box built from parts from the state surplus centre. I often build Linux boxes and give them to students.

@NoMagicCookie I wish that we had the same facilities. Sadly Gate's marketing utterly resulted in Australian subjugation to Microsoft and its piracy.

@NoMagicCookie I can't even give old machines away _ that's how lazy and stupid local schools and teachers are.

@NoMagicCookie these days I simply use android phones and have taken possession of a Blackview A80 64 GB 4Gb octacore that cost me about $US75.

@FrayedBear The school I work for is primarily a Mac work station and Chromebook with a sprinkling of windows. In the old days I used linux for DNS but that is now run on a windows box. Most of my servers (at school) are os-x.

@NoMagicCookie Delighted to learn that you are not like my local lot. 👍🙏