Do you talk yourself out of making purchases a lot? Do you like DIY projects and repairing stuff? Do you celebrate or are you even familiar with "Buy Nothing Day"? If all of these questions make you a little too excited, then you'll probably enjoy this group.

About the photo (taken at SFMoMa): Frank Stella painted "Zambezi" (enamel paint on canvas) in 1959. He was 23 years old.

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Just read Swedish Death Cleaning. It's a way of reducing your possessions and the effort on your family and loved ones when you die.
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MojoDave 9 FL Jan 18 Jan 18 22 comments
I am feeling a twinge of pride today as I just paid off my last outstanding credit card balance. A year and a half ago, I owed around $12K in loan and cc debt, but have now paid all of it off. Now I am waiting for the next catastrophe ...
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Condor5 8 CA Dec 1, 2018 Dec 1, 2018 44 comments
I like the local farmer's market.
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WarmFluffy 7 AL Nov 24, 2018 Nov 24, 2018 00 comments
Interesting ethnoarchaeological study of clutter in the homes of Americans; produced by the University of California: Youtube
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Condor5 8 CA Oct 25, 2018 Oct 25, 2018 11 comment
I cannot find the information I'm seeking on the www, so I thought I'd come here as this group is all about conservative living. What I'm seeking, simply, is a way to make old nylon like new again; or at least, supple. I'm using an old bike rack ...
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Condor5 8 CA Oct 18, 2018 Oct 18, 2018 11 comment
Newbie to this group, I have some practical ways to maximize the the purchasing power of my modest income. I will share two 1.) I make all my own coffee, 2.) I cook all my food. That might not work for everyone in every situation but it has worked ...
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Friendlyatheist 4 IL Oct 7, 2018 Oct 7, 2018 33 comments
The Story of Stuff. Though perhaps slightly dated, the fundamental principles and facts of this presentation are still relevant; perhaps more now than ever. If you've not seen this before, take a few minutes and reinforce your proclivity to practice ...
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Condor5 8 CA Oct 6, 2018 Oct 6, 2018 00 comments
What is Minimalism and How It Can Change Your Life Youtube
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misternatureboy 7 CA Sep 17, 2018 Sep 17, 2018 22 comments
I aspire to get closer to this. I am not here but I am going to start the journey.
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Ubergooroo 5 LA Sep 17, 2018 Sep 17, 2018 11 comment
I just gave away one of the last vestiges of my past home ownership, a 7 ft fiberglass folding stepladder. If you own, or have owned a house, you know how important those kinds of tools are. But, now I'm in a 1bdrm apartment, and do not foresee ...
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Condor5 8 CA Sep 7, 2018 Sep 7, 2018 00 comments
Minimalism is becoming my raison d'etre. I have been downsizing, essentially, since I sold my last house (post-divorce) in 2012. I'm currently in a one-bdrm apartment with not much more than absolute necessities. I still have a storage unit with a ...
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Condor5 8 CA Sep 5, 2018 Sep 5, 2018 33 comments


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