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So; I'm sitting in the hospital waiting for my mother to be discharged. She was admitted yesterday with chest pain. I've sat through a steady stream of visitors from her church including her minister.

My brother was here when Pastor Dan stopped by. Of course, the good reverend wanted everyone to pray before leaving. As everyone, except my mother, of course; stood to pray, my brother removed his hat and bowed his head. I remained seated, pulled out my phone, and opened the Agnostic.com app.

Thank you for helping me get through that terrible ordeal. 🙂

JimG 8 May 25
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Glad to be here!

Sunishine Level 6 June 1, 2018

You're quite welcome. It was a small price to pay to make sure you were supported through your ordeal. Would you like to know where to send the check?

I do hope your mother is all right. Those are indeed trying and worrisome times. My best to you and yours.

Thank you.


That was brave. I hope your mother will be alright and that the praying people won't take credit for her recovery.

pixiedust Level 8 May 25, 2018

Thank you. I'll agree with her doctors and give credit to the paramedics.