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You may turn green with envy, fellow book devourers. My daughter and I happened upon a garage sale this morning where they were giving away books for free!!! Boxes of books and you could take as many as you wanted! I got some D.H. Lawrence, Jane Austin, Agatha Christie, Isaac Asimov, L. Sprague de Camp and more. My daughter added about a dozen cookbooks to her collection. Then, just to be evil, she took a couple of fitness books for me for my upcoming 6 weeks of derailment due to surgery. (We bought some shelves.)

pixiedust 8 June 9
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Cool find.




Good books are always welcome. Hope your surgery goes well, and you have a good time recoovering.


Ah. I get it. It was a cunning marketing ploy to bookshelves. πŸ˜‰

Petter Level 9 June 10, 2018

What a find!

CeliaVL Level 7 June 10, 2018

Yes indeed! I have been chortling and rubbing my hands since then.


Nice !!!!!

IamNobody Level 8 June 9, 2018

Outstanding, good score. L. Sprague de Camp - Christ in a sidecar, I haven't read her since I was a teenager.


Wowsers, I love those, and you got some great authors too. My giveaway scores tend to be medium, although I did get Clockwork Orange, should have another attempt at reading that. At least with the book I can skip over the really violent bits.

The latter half of the book is the best part. The rest is just stage setting. IMHO


I just moved and my apartment has very little space so I had to sell my beloved collectionβ€”not all but a good majority. I was having such a hard time selling them. There were like at least 30 books in each box and priced the box $15 each. I had one person want 2 boxes and the rest I had to give away for free. Sad to see them go but I just had no room.

I have to cull the herd periodically, too, especially during moves. It doesn't take me long to get back to the state I was in before the culling.πŸ˜€

Sad, I feel your pain, but moving on is growing.

Nooooooo! I had to put my books and extensive board game collection into a storage unit when I split with my ex. I'm now renting a three bedroom house with a study. Still setting up, but plenty of room.

@pixiedust I have to be careful not to get a cluttered house again. But I can easily build up my collection again. Also, I love baking and cooking and want to learn how to decorate a cake. I was so close to buying the whole kit and kaboddle of cake decorating supplies when I reminded myself of the book collection and sewing collection I had. So I passed. Sad face.

@PinkPassion Oh and I would have been so keen to sample (and lick the bowls clean) πŸ™‚

My daughter collects cookbooks. She loves reading them and she loves cooking/baking.


Good luck with your surgery. My fitness program got derailed by a foot injury that has taken a year to resolve.

UUNJ Level 8 June 9, 2018

I hope your foot is better now and you're back on track.

@pixiedust Thanks. Had surgery last month; PT starts tomorrow. The delay relayed to misdiagnosis of a torn ligament.


Garage sales are such a great place to obtain books from people that have no idea what they have.

Wrytyr Level 7 June 9, 2018

True! These people also had some amazing brass and glass pieces for next to nothing.

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