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I had a ball with of strings of lovers
some in plain sight, some under covers
but this boy really wants you
and he dearly needs to
put away those childhood gs
Im ready for, a love affair with strings
Ive had my fill of passing flings
just bring me please, a love affair with strings

you can take the heap of all my winnings
drag me back to my beginnings
invade my space and clip my wings
tie me up in knots
take everything, that I have got
then listen how this caged bird sings
I am waiting for our love affair with strings
you can steal my heart and any of my things
make it for real, heal me, in a love affair with strings

not one more string upon my bow
fiddle some, play and go
but strings that hold and clasp me tight
strings that will bind me. in the night
twine to entwine
conjoin and combine
I want be be all of yours, you will be mine?..full-time?
not passing time
but gratefully receiving what each new dawn brings
please give to me, a love affair with strings

273kelvin 8 June 25
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Strings attached 🙂

I like it, good one.


This is lovely.

AnnieMist Level 4 June 25, 2018

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