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SciFi idea:
Aliens breed humans for luck by breeding survivors of airline accidents!

Edgeward 6 July 15
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Wrytyr Level 7 July 17, 2018

Not to rain on your parade, but the breeding luck thing has been done. In Ringworld, the population is limited by laws preventing overreproduction, but people can get an exemption by playing in a sort of lottery. One of the main characters is from a multigenerational streak of lotto winners, specifically those that won multiple times in their lives. Her 'luck gene' is so strong that she can't be hurt, physically or emotionally. Something always occurs to prevent it.

Cool! I’m gonna have to get that!

@Edgeward It was a good read. Don't remember too much, as I read it ages ago. But I would recommend. There is a whole series of them, though I only read the first


Who's airline, would we not be survivors of space craft mishaps. That could be interesting. Would answer a lot of questions.


Favoring the luck gene.

And the aliens influencing people’s life’s could explain NDE, visions...

@Edgeward -- And wet dreams.

@Edgeward NDE ?

@Lincoln55 Near Death Experiences, where people die for a bit & come back with lots of religious usually, stories...

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