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Where are the Revolutionaries?
Where is the blood that ran Hot in the streets?
Where are Hoffman and Cleaver?
Where are the Revolutionaries?

Where is my Sister?
Eyes lost in a cellphone.
She's taking a Selfie.

Where is my Brother?
Eyes glazed by Cathode Rays
Posting silly memes

Where are the Revolutionaries?
Where is the indignation that ran Hot in the streets?
Where are Angela, Ferlinghetti and X?
Where are the Revolutionaries?

I watched him take to his knees and gag on the Czar.
His pockets stuffed with the deeds to prime property
in Moscow and Poontang.
Where are the F**kin' Revolutionaries?

Where are the F**kin' Revolutionaries? DHMcCarty 7/17/18

Lincoln55 8 July 17
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Like George Carlen said, the hippies sold out for fine restaurants, new cars and pork belly futures. I was a friend of Abbie and Paul Krasner at the Electric Circus on St. Marks. I miss 'em and wonder what Abbie Hoffman would have made of all the bullshit going on today. I remember his line: Who the hell can take his society straight?

One question I'd like your opinion on: Americans are gong to get what they deserve.

Aristopus Level 7 July 17, 2018

@Aristopus Though some truth to that statent, I don't think all Americans deserve it. The 60's/70's galvanized around the Vietnam War. That was my friends coming home in bodybags. the guys i shot hoops with and cruised the Woodward strip. Its not as personal today. There is a disconnect and that which does not touch me does not roil my blood. Things are rapidly approaching the tipping point(was it in Helsinki?). Amazing that with all the philosophers and contrarians here you're not seeing more dialogue. Just a shitload of silly memes.

@Lincoln55 With my question about "getting what they deserve" I meant to say "with respect to climate change." One day Mother Nature is going to say, OK I had enough.

@Aristopus That's another one close to reaching the tipping point and no, I don't feel that everyone deserves that either.


No draft equals fewer revolutionaries!

Krish55 Level 7 July 17, 2018

@Krish55. In 1970, I enlisted in the USMC. Not because I was a Patriot (I wasn't). It had nothing to do with values. I was naive and dumber than shit and a poor boy. My parents couldn't afford to send me away to college so I sold my body for the GI Bill. The USMC because I didn't want to be surrounded by draftees that really didn't want to be there. I went from dumber than shit to scared shitless. The world does not send men off to war. They send boys. Boys that are not emotionally equipped to deal with what they are thrown into.

@Lincoln55 Good honest post. It's been that way a long time. "Rich man's war, poor man's fight," was a Civil War motto. You did your American duty. You helped create jobs for the defense industry.

@Lincoln55 I understand very much. I joined in 1972 for the GI bill also!

@Lincoln55 right in the nose


Very pertinent questions. Well said.


Timely and well thought out prose, my friend. May I post this elsewhere?

@evidentialist Feel free J.

@Lincoln55 -- Merky bo-kwot, mon-sewer.

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