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I'm really not a writer, but are people that are interested invited?

Buddha 8 Aug 18
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What you just wrote just qualified you!

Krish55 Level 8 Aug 18, 2018

I'm not really a person so are writers invited to be a person...Sure welcome to the fold!!! Kick your shoes off and have some fun...Welcome!!!


I hope to be a published writer some time in the future. I have started a book and at one time had over six hundred pages, then I started to edit and the number went up, then down, now I think I have the first chapter in a semblance of order. I have been welcomed with open arms, so have you.


That, Sir, is why readers are included in the name of the group, and yes, you are most welcome. Anyone with an interest in the written word is welcome here. Just join and have fun.


i was a newspaper reporter for decades in Mexico, CA and CO. If you want to talk about writing, ask.

TheDoubter Level 9 Aug 18, 2018


TheDoubter Level 9 Aug 18, 2018
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