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Hey, does anybody here have a lead on a good editor who could help me with a scifi novel? It's extremely dense action-wise and I really need help with clarity and continuity.

KJThomas 6 Jan 30
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We have several editors in this group, including myself. Could you provide more information regarding the nature of the novel, what specifically you want done, and its word count?

Are you asking about the subject matter or the writing format?

I have five chapters currently ready for editing, about 15,000 words, out of what will probably amount to about 12 chapters. It's a speculative fiction with tons of stuff about Satanism and GMOs and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and time travel.

What I want help with is keeping it all organized and comprehensible. There's a lot going on and I get pretty caught up in the world and moving from element to element I sometimes have a little trouble keeping track of it all.

@KJThomas -- Yet, that's the sort of information people need before considering picking up a ms to work. Thanks. What would be more productive would be to take the original statement in your post and tag this info to it, then make a new post with it all in one place. Better coverage and better chance for a response.

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