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Latest Short Story.

'Henry's Gas and Necessities'

It's always better on Wordpress because they don't mess with your spacing or your pictures. So heres the link.


I'm not posting any stories here on Agnostic anymore. They mess with the layout too much. I'll stick with the link. It's a much better story on the blog. If I make edits (which I do constantly) I don't have to go three places to make the changes.,

Lincoln55 8 July 8
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Just found your story again and skimmed it. So descriptive. You must have a storehouse of paintings in your head. "People live in their own little bubble, never get exposed to anyone that thinks, looks or acts different. People want familiar. There are people that haven’t read a book or picked up a newspaper in twenty years. They don’t ask questions because they don’t want to hear the answers.” Pretty insightful for Eddy. And something about not wanting to go through life with bruised and bloody knuckles.
I liked it all. Job well done. You may think I'm weird, but.
a. I like to communicate w people
b. I like to read original stories.
and c. I've got a lot of time on my hands today.


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Posted by FrayedBearCan it be sent viral?

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