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Rant for the day.

Sometimes I can't hold it back and it spills out. Edited and restructured from another thread:

They gut the EPA. They drop restrictions on manufacturers. They promote coal and petroleum. They open our nature reserves and parklands to mining and drilling and fracking and pipelines. They remove controls that have marginally maintained some balance for our precious wildlife and they don't think ahead. It is a 'now' mentality. Satisfy the greed and to hell with future generations. Kill the elephants and the bears. After all, we have dominion, right? Until it hurts, it is more comfortable to maintain the status quo. What they don't understand is that when it hurts, it will be too late.

It wouldn't be so bad if they didn't represent such a large percentage of the population. People, the majority of them, need to have pat answers and security in order to navigate their way through what little time we have in life. Many of them need to have some way to think it won't come to an end when the end comes. For that we have religions, superstitions, and governments. Many religions, because of their nature, work against the things we need to consider and do. Hey, if there's a better life on streets of gold after this one, what's the big deal, right? Some teach to accept fate, for it is ordained. None of that helps establish a sufficient sense of urgency to make the required changes to save our little spaceship. It is also because of this that we often get regimes of an authoritarian nature.



evidentialist 8 Sep 13
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