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My online friend, authors extreme horror books, I have never read one of his works, each time, I scroll to make a choice, I fail because of appearance of the cover. I have read much of his essays, and I have no doubt, he is one of my best writers. He even wrote one about a boy from British Colony Uganda, I am craving to pick his books,but am so afraid of what impact his works may have on me. Share with me your experience if you read extreme horror books,and what's the latest you read.

Humanlove 7 Mar 21
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I have read a few of what I consider extreme horror ... Amy Cross is someone to check out ... The Haunting of Blackwych Grange is pretty graphic and horrifying ... She's wrote a bunch of others and they are all along the same lines

JaciBea Level 7 Mar 25, 2018

Who is this author and what are some of his writings?

Wrath James White

@0752532706 -- Okay. First, this is not a sub-genre that I am even slightly tempted to read (I have read a couple in the past and that is what set my attitude) because it is almost always pure formula writing and filled with gratuitous sex/violence/gore, the only purpose for which is to shock the reader or to serve as therapy for the psychological problems of the author or the reader or both. Rarely will one find much depth of thought with this sort of writing. Now, in the case of White, I could be wrong in one, all, or any combination of the foregoing because I haven't read his work -- but I doubt it. Some review searching helped guarantee I will probably never even consider reading his work (if that's what you can call it).

  1. "I threw this one away, though. I tried to slog through it. Tried to get to the point where Joe struggles to find---whatever he's trying to find. This is horror-porn, pure and simple. I'm not sure what the author's purpose is, other than to creat horror-porn. The horror is gross, but not scary. The porn was not erotic.

Do not waste your time or your money."

  1. "This novel comes across as White's attempt to indulge his inner psycho. I know that this is supposed to be a risky and explicit novel, but I found it too boring to be effective as either. The main character who is too boring for me to remember his name came into contact with a killer and believes that years later it turned him into a killer. He believes that psycho killer is communicable. This is touched on only enough for you to get the feel that it is supposed to mean something. The main character (Cannibal Joe) is also super smart, 6 foot 8, and built like Superman which makes for boringness. There is nothing for us to latch onto as believable. I got the feeling White was too pleased with himself, like he was fulfilling some unadmitted fantasy. He creates this sexual super freak cannibal and expects us to buy it."

  2. "Wow...I don't know what to say besides that. I feel like a disgusting pervert for even reading the 80 pages of this book that I did before I had to throw it down in disgust. I cannot understand how anyone can write this garbage, or what the publishers were thinking when they agreed to mass-produce this. I think this author should seriously see some kind of psychiatrist or something, he has some sick, sadistic thoughts in his head.

I love to read, and I love different genres. I don't have a problem with fowl language, pornographic scenes, or over-the-top violence. I enjoy books that allow the reader to believe they are peeking in on the lives of the characters. This book, however, horrified me. How anyone can find the biting off of a woman's nipples before consuming them, or descriptive language on how to slit open a woman's stomach before cooking her alive in an oven entertaining is beyond me."

  1. "Ok so it seems that I'm one of the very few that just thought this book was mediocre. Was it brutal? Yes. Truly scary? Nope. I mean, every single person this guy kills actually becomes sexually aroused while he is eating them alive lol. If I read horror, it HAS to have some legitimacy for it to be truly scary to me, and people having orgasms while being tortured just didn't do it for me. If you wanna read something that is very graphic and bloody, this might be for you, but if you wanna read a horror story that will affect you in a real way, read something else."

There was much more, including one that simply said, "This book could have been written by a twelve year old." Again, negative reviews do not an indictment make, but they should stand as something of a guide. There were a number of positive reviews as well, but they were worded in such a way as to indicate to me that I would not want to list those reviewers among my friends -- or even acquaintances. Of course, the decision is yours, so take a chance or don't.

@evidentialist Thank you brother for taking the time, I have read what he wrote on the boy in Uganda,the story doesn't connect,but I loved his other essays (not books) on atheism, he is atheist.


I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream is the only story I can think of that fits "extreme", and it's a real short story. I've read many horrors and while a lot of them are awesome, none of them ever struck me as"extreme". Any suggestions for this genre?

aussj4link Level 5 Mar 21, 2018