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Yesterday, I wrote. Today, I am writing. Tomorrow, I will write. When I die, I will have written.

My urn will be fitted with a small brass plaque that simply says, "That's all he wrote, folks."

evidentialist 8 Dec 28
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After a high-school friend's brother died a few years ago, "struggling against his illness" to become a published author, the family designed a large book as his urn. The "A great writer entraps their reader in a net of tightly woven words" motto on the back cover is the decedent's own quote. His name is on the spine, and his birth and death dates on the front cover are formatted as if for Star Trek, of which he was a huge fan.

josh_karpf Level 7 Dec 29, 2019

Yeah, I've thought of a jokey epitaph for myself too. It is said by the Maori when one of greatness has passed, "A mighty totara [tall, straight bush-tree] has fallen in the forest!" When I go, I will have them carve, "A mighty totara has fallen in De Forest!"

Garbonza Level 6 Dec 29, 2019

enough said

TheDoubter Level 8 Dec 28, 2019