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This one is for our moderator, J Richard Jacobs.

He'll understand. RIP Kookie Byrnes.


Globe Photos/mediapunch/Shutterstock

Lincoln55 8 Jan 9
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This was a two year then die record:

Edd got a gold record for this one:

I know, not what's going today but remember this was in the 1950s.


@Lincoln55 -- I didn't think anyone but those of us who were somehow connected would even notice. I'll put a comment here with a URL for those who don't know. It's an article from the Hollywood Reporter. I haven't been in touch with Edd for more than 20 years, then I saw Logan's tweet a couple of hours ago. I went to Mexico Wednesday morning and saw his tweet on my phone at a rest area on the way home tonight. Sent Logan my condolences a few minutes ago.


My parents were fundamentalist Baptists. We were the last on our block to own a TV. I believe my mother had a thing for Little Joe and Kookie because 77 Sunset Strip and The Ponderosa were two of the few TV shows we were allowed to watch.