Out Of The Illusion

Political analysis and commentary using independent journalism sources in opposition of MSCM for creative dissent against empire building and a failed capitalist system. Supported ...
1,020 members, 3,806 posts, Last Activity: Jan 24, 2022

World Music

A group to share great music with others of any type from around the world, and of any language, and taste. Everyone is welcome to join! Just keep in mind that there are other ...
Topics: Music
692 members, 2,828 posts, Last Activity: Jan 24, 2022

Food Glorious Food

A group to share recipes, ideas, styles of cooking, and virtual dinners. Please note that you have to press the join group button to be able to contribute. I do not want negative ...
Topics: Creativity, Family, Drink / Food / Diet, Health, Happiness / Self Improvement
1,005 members, 2,266 posts, Last Activity: Jan 23, 2022

Cheesy Jokes

Jokes. Just jokes. Cheesy ones. Not so cheesy ones. Funny stuff. Poor sentence structures. Come on in, share, laugh. Disclaimer: Not responsible for soiled clothing from ...
Topics: Humor
890 members, 2,791 posts, Last Activity: Jan 24, 2022

Eclectic Jams

A place to share the music you love.
Topics: Film / Movies / TV
432 members, 2,121 posts, Last Activity: Jan 24, 2022

Humour, Fun, Chuckles, Laughs, or Cutes, From Everywhere.

Funny, & cute things we see, read, or hear, that don't fit other categories.
Topics: Animals / Pets, Atheism / Agnosticism / Nonbelief, Humor
561 members, 1,078 posts, Last Activity: Jan 22, 2022


I like Quotes, they are powerful, so share the power.
Topics: Books / Writing / Poetry, History, Humor, Other, Philosophy
1,276 members, 4,535 posts, Last Activity: Jan 24, 2022

Gardeners in 9 hours, 11 mins

People who enjoy growing their own food. Or taking care of their landscaping and gardens. Let’s try and keep politics to minimum here in this group unless it has something to do ...
Topics: Environment, Drink / Food / Diet, Hobbies /Interests
996 members, 3,032 posts, Last Activity: Jan 23, 2022

Dog Lovers

A group for dog lovers and dog owners.
Topics: Animals / Pets
926 members, 1,526 posts, Last Activity: Jan 24, 2022

Feline Fanatics

A place to discuss anything about cats, whether our own, or just cool stuff that we come across.
Topics: Animals / Pets
992 members, 6,957 posts, Last Activity: Jan 24, 2022

Music of the Movies

This is for our favorite (& less favorite) movie tunes, theme songs, soundtracks. You might even list your favorite movie music composers. And a sample of the tune is always ...
Topics: Film / Movies / TV, Music
257 members, 1,069 posts, Last Activity: Jan 23, 2022


A group for the discussion of the written word. Though we'd like to see folks active in the industry, you need not be published or working in the industry to join in and ideally ...
Topics: Books / Writing / Poetry, Creativity, Education, History, Humor
887 members, 1,915 posts, Last Activity: Jan 24, 2022

Metal music

Post music videos of your favorite metal bands.
Topics: Music
243 members, 1,525 posts, Last Activity: Jan 24, 2022


FreeThinkers is a community devoted to questioning all aspects of life and promoting the process of thinking outside the box. This community is designed to allow everyone to ...
1,840 members, 1,424 posts, Last Activity: Jan 24, 2022

aussie sceptics

Meet australian non-believers, freethinkers, sceptics & atheists.
Topics: Atheism / Agnosticism / Nonbelief, Creativity, Environment, Philosophy, Relationships / Dating
258 members, 1,166 posts, Last Activity: Jan 20, 2022

Just for Laughs

This is a group to share your joke, humorous cartoon, photo or story. Or just a place to visit if you just want to take the lighter side of things and laugh a little. We invite ...
Topics: Humor
2,177 members, 21,355 posts, Last Activity: Jan 24, 2022

Gun Control Now in 11 hours, 11 mins

Real gun and lethal weapon, control. Ban assault weapons large volume magazines and safer hand guns. This is not to ban all guns, and lethal weapons, but to promote more training ...
Topics: Activism
645 members, 1,434 posts, Last Activity: Jan 23, 2022

Jazz, Blues, Funk, Soul, Reggae, Dance, Punk, Alternative, Rock and Roll.

Jazz Music. Blues Music. Soul Music. Funk. Reggae, World Beat. Afro Beat. Ska. Punk, Surf, Be Bop. Swing, Standard, Classic Country. Alt Rock, Indy, College, Whatever. Some Hip ...
Topics: Art, Film / Movies / TV, Fan Groups, Music, Society / Culture
254 members, 873 posts, Last Activity: Jan 21, 2022


Interested in creating a home for rock, country, new age, jazz - pretty much anything that doesn't feature lyrics.
Topics: Music
171 members, 901 posts, Last Activity: Jan 21, 2022

Memes R Us

A place to post memes. Bad taste is encouraged, but not mandatory. No porn!
Topics: Atheism / Agnosticism / Nonbelief, Career, Creativity, Humor, News
2,155 members, 67,142 posts, Last Activity: Jan 24, 2022

Critter Corner

For people who like the more "maligned" creatures, such as insects, reptiles, amphibians, sea life etc.
Topics: Animals / Pets
258 members, 1,008 posts, Last Activity: Jan 18, 2022

handcrafters , fine artists, photographers, or other things of beauty

Anybody that is creative with their hands and makes things from scratch, anything.This includes thread or fiber art, spinning weaving knitting crochet felt etc. I hope I don't have...
Topics: Art, Creativity, Hobbies /Interests, Other
811 members, 1,423 posts, Last Activity: Jan 24, 2022

50s +

Are you 50 or older and would like the company of folks who remember the world before social media? Come join us, and feel free to share anything thats relevant to our stage of ...
Topics: Atheism / Agnosticism / Nonbelief, Creativity, Health, Humor, Happiness / Self Improvement
1,232 members, 964 posts, Last Activity: Jan 24, 2022


A group for poetry and flash fiction
Topics: Books / Writing / Poetry, Creativity
304 members, 935 posts, Last Activity: Jan 23, 2022

Vegan\Vegetarian World

Kind Food and a Kind World.
583 members, 1,002 posts, Last Activity: Jan 20, 2022

Introverts Unite! in 2 hours, 11 mins

A group for introvert discussions. Feel free to post memes, links, music, anything you like. The only group rule I have is don’t be an ass.
Topics: Happiness / Self Improvement
1,635 members, 1,090 posts, Last Activity: Jan 24, 2022

Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll

A place for people to talk about music sex and life
493 members, 707 posts, Last Activity: Jan 23, 2022


A place for non-heterosexual, transgender, intersex, queer, questioning and their allies to discuss religious and non-religious aspects of being non-cishetero.
Topics: Activism, Sexuality / Gender, Society / Culture
803 members, 923 posts, Last Activity: Jan 22, 2022

Jokes and humor about religion

A place to post humor about the insanity of religious beliefs and practices. Keep it funny at an intellectual level - without being racist or degrading
Topics: Atheism / Agnosticism / Nonbelief, Humor, Religion / Spiritualism, Science, Society / Culture
204 members, 463 posts, Last Activity: Jan 24, 2022

Newbie Groupies! in 11 mins

A group for brand new members of the site to get their feet wet, ask questions, and post about their likes and dislikes. To joke, be serious, and just play around on the site.
Topics: Hobbies /Interests, Humor, Relationships / Dating, Society / Culture, Technology
1,927 members, 746 posts, Last Activity: Jan 23, 2022


The WHO has officially declared COVID-19 a Pandemic as of March 11th, 2020. Viruses do not show preferences for religious or nonreligious people but are equal opportunity. This ...
Topics: Activism, Education, Health, News, Science
277 members, 1,581 posts, Last Activity: Jan 23, 2022

All Things Astronomy

Like NPR "All Things Considered" with a focus on astronomy and space topics to include... literally any object or phenomenon above Earth's atmosphere. (PLEASE abstain from posting ...
Topics: Hobbies /Interests, Science, Technology
609 members, 733 posts, Last Activity: Jan 23, 2022

Real Intimacy

A forum for women and men to exchange thoughts about intimacy and relationships. Frank and explicit discussions about real life topics.
Topics: Relationships / Dating, Happiness / Self Improvement
1,621 members, 595 posts, Last Activity: Jan 23, 2022

General Topics

Basically the front page of
Topics: Creativity, Fan Groups, Humor, News, Other
104 members, 139 posts, Last Activity: Jan 22, 2022


Cults, new religious movements, and mass movements of a cult-like nature are worth discussing, studying, and learning to avoid ... yes, even for atheists and agnostics.
21 members, 22 posts, Last Activity: Dec 30, 2021

Atheist Videos & Miscellany

Mostly YT videos from a variety of atheist posters
62 members, 405 posts, Last Activity: Jan 23, 2022

Broken Hearts Club

Have you ever suffered a breakup? We will discuss mourning a love connection and ways to help recover and techniques to help you recover from the mental wounds this leaves. ...
16 members, 29 posts, Last Activity: Jan 20, 2022

Beer and craft brewing

For those wishing to share favorite local craft beers, brewing stories, label art, and unique beer styles they have tried. Let's talk Beer...
40 members, 73 posts, Last Activity: Jan 8, 2022

Battling Obesity

This is a support group for People to come together for the goal of sharing ideas on a life style change to combat Obesity. Changing to a vegan lifestyle is about as good for ...
Topics: Activism, Drink / Food / Diet, Health, Science, Happiness / Self Improvement
238 members, 669 posts, Last Activity: Jan 20, 2022

Celebrity Pictures

Professional or candid pictures of movie stars, television personalities, musicians, and athletes. Can be modern or classic. No nudity please! Nude (topless) celebrity pics can ...
Topics: Film / Movies / TV, Fan Groups
75 members, 511 posts, Last Activity: Jan 22, 2022

"I was blocked!?"

This group is for anyone who was blocked by someone else and wishes to discuss/vent/whine about it within the context of a forum. Discussing why you felt the need to block someone ...
Topics: Activism, Debate / Argument, Humor, News, Other
81 members, 116 posts, Last Activity: Jan 22, 2022

Traditional and Folkmusic

For lovers of heritage music known as traditional, folk, national, ethnic, dirt, veranda, barn together with the associated songs, lyrics, poetry, dances, mime etc. Note Only ...
Topics: Creativity, Fan Groups, Hobbies /Interests, Music, Society / Culture
148 members, 910 posts, Last Activity: Jan 24, 2022

Libertarians Worldwide

Please read group description carefully. This is a worldwide group for those who identify as Libertarian or who are interested in Libertarian philosophy, and is not connected to ...
13 members, 35 posts, Last Activity: Jan 21, 2022

Music Fans

This is a group dedicated to music lovers. Post your favorite songs here. Please post songs with the name or the artist and the song title. It helps when people are browsing ...
Topics: Music
1,234 members, 34,217 posts, Last Activity: Jan 24, 2022

Canadian, eh?

A group of Canucks who like to discuss non-theism and other things from our unique geo-political perspective north of the border.
388 members, 686 posts, Last Activity: Jan 21, 2022

Critical thinking

To discuss Critical thinking, what it means, how to attain it and why it is so important... Also to discuss the insight, perception and realization gained in various areas after ...
Topics: Atheism / Agnosticism / Nonbelief, Debate / Argument, Education, News, Other
576 members, 438 posts, Last Activity: Jan 22, 2022

The Plague

Anti-Vaxxers Make Me Sick!
10 members, 9 posts, Last Activity: Jan 13, 2022


All things uncensored COVID-19 information MSM doesn’t want you to know. Time to stop drinking the kool aid. If humor offends you, this is not the group for you. If you seek ...
32 members, 435 posts, Last Activity: Jan 21, 2022

This Day In History

All are welcome to post some historical facts from around the world at different times in history: art, music, politics, humour, military, medical, scientific, etc. This is not ...
166 members, 1,984 posts, Last Activity: Jan 23, 2022

Freedom from Religion Foundation

The Freedom from Religion Foundation works as an effective state/church watchdog and voice for freethought (atheism, agnosticism, skepticism).
Topics: Activism, Atheism / Agnosticism / Nonbelief, Fan Groups, Politics / Political Ideology
603 members, 159 posts, Last Activity: Jan 15, 2022

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