Atheist Videos & Miscellany

Mostly YT videos from a variety of atheist posters
32 members, 165 posts, Last Activity: Jun 19, 2021

Celebrity Pictures

Professional or candid pictures of movie stars, television personalities, musicians, and athletes. Can be modern or classic. No nudity please! Nude (topless) celebrity pics can ...
Topics: Film / Movies / TV, Fan Groups
46 members, 323 posts, Last Activity: Jun 20, 2021

Memes R hilarioUS!

This is a sub group of Memes R Us which ONLY permits hilarious meme posts. The basis of each meme MUST be humor. This will help the Main group allow for less notifications from ...
Topics: Creativity, Hobbies /Interests, Humor, Happiness / Self Improvement, Society / Culture
78 members, 492 posts, Last Activity: Jun 17, 2021

The Best of Late Night & News

Bringing you the best of the Late Night Shows & News.
161 members, 3,725 posts, Last Activity: Jun 19, 2021

Gun Control Now in 8 hours, 52 mins

Real gun and lethal weapon, control. Ban assault weapons large volume magazines and safer hand guns. This is not to ban all guns, and lethal weapons, but to promote more training ...
Topics: Activism
550 members, 1,403 posts, Last Activity: Jun 18, 2021

Just for Laughs

This is a group to share your joke, humorous cartoon, photo or story. Or just a place to visit if you just want to take the lighter side of things and laugh a little. We invite ...
Topics: Humor
1,812 members, 16,931 posts, Last Activity: Jun 20, 2021

Newbie Groupies!

A group for brand new members of the site to get their feet wet, ask questions, and post about their likes and dislikes. To joke, be serious, and just play around on the site.
Topics: Hobbies /Interests, Humor, Relationships / Dating, Society / Culture, Technology
1,794 members, 718 posts, Last Activity: Jun 20, 2021

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