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Im a business owner and a of three amazing . My family is and will always be my priority. Its been a rough couple years but i keep pushing forward. Hoping this will be my year pull myself together and become the best person i can be. Im not into the bar scene and am quite the homebody. My interest include waching movies, taking walks,and good conversation. I can be a goofball at times, and sarcastic at other times. I am also a Disney movie nerd. I don't normally talk about politics but if it is brought up i will put in my two cents. I am seperated after 28 years of marriage so i am trying to find myself. Guess time will heal all wounds. I want to become the best person i can be for my family , and as strong as i know i can be. I have been here a while but accidentally deleted my account. From level 5 back to level 1. Ill get there again one day. I hate that i have to start over. Oh well i guess ill be more careful next time.


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Agnostic, Freethinker
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