I've recently left the Christian religion and now identify as Agnostic. It's still really weird and new to me not to believe in a God since it's how I was raised and such. I want to meet all kinds of new people who understand me on that level smile001.gif I'm bisexual btw!

I like listening to podcast. One of them is the Thinking Atheist. Does anyone have any suggested podcast they listen to?
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The Last Podcast on the Left is pretty good. They talk about serial killers, cults, etc. Pretty dark but interesting and the three guys who do it are hilarious!
looking for atheist friends. Recently deconverted.
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I'm recently deconverted :) and I'm always down for meeting new people!
The struggle to find a partner...
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I guess just trying to get out and do social activities is what I've been trying to do, but I'm too broke. I just usually ask basic questions like what do you do for work, favorite music, etc. I usually wouldn't ask about beliefs and politics until it I know it's going to get serious.
For those that are single : At this point in your life , would you rather date around, or be in a steady one-on-one relationship ( though not necessarily living together ). What about marriage - something you ultimately want ?...
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My end goal is marriage. I'm not trying to rush into anything but I do hope to meet someone that would want a serious relationship with me. But we will see :)
Nothing in particular on my mind, just a bit surprised to find this site but glad to have done so. I'll find it interesting to hear what thoughts other folk might have. My wife is strongly religious and is always telling me that I will face my maker one day. I think to myself, "my maker was my Dad and my Mum, they are dead and are ash in a brick wall". What's to fear..............nothing..........NOTHING!!!!...
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That would get so annoying. I guess if you truly love the person you learn how to cope with the religious stuff but I don't think I could. Sorry if I sound harsh, I've just known a lot of hypocritical Christians in my life and their judgments get so old now.
What will be the impact of creating life in a test tube?
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I can really only see benefits although I know there are some ethical debates over it.
How do you counter a person's belief in God when something GOOD happens?
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I can see this happening to me in the near future at family events... It's hard with someone you love and care about, in this situation she's purposefully being mean, so I would just reiterate that I wrote it not, God. But I'm also a passive person (sometimes...passive aggressive) so I'd probably go "whatever" and drop it. Usually I'm a lot nicer about stuff and would let it go but something like that would definitely irritate me.
Any one here a punk rocker? If so what bands do you like?
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Idk if I would say punk rocker but I'm kinda scattered along many rock genres. Mostly Classic Rock lately. Bowie is my favorite of all time.
Do you owe anyone in your life an apology?
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Not currently. I'm sure I will do something to hurt someone cause I'm human and make mistakes. Something I pride myself in is that I'm pretty good at humbling myself and apologizing when I'm wrong. It's not easy, and it took me awhile to swallow my pride but it feels so much better to do it instead of coming up with excuses.
Have you ever had a dream that you died in? Can you describe the dream, how you felt during the dream, and how you felt as the dream ended?
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I've had a few where it ends right before I die, but I had one extreme vivid dream of me dying, dead, and...as a ghost or "soul" being lifted. The dream before I died was pretty realistic, some guy hated me and my family for some reason and came with friends to kill us. I was outside of my Uncle's house (where I lived at the time) and I saw the men coming towards us and realizing they had guns. I screamed at everyone outside to get inside, that we were being shot at. They got lucky, I didn't. I vividly remember being shot and think it was being "bit" by something (like forest gump) and just falling down. I then felt something, not sure what hoisting me up to the skies. I looked below and saw my body and realized I was dead and my soul or whatever was going somewhere. I started frantically praying (this was also when I was still religious) hoping I was going to Heaven and not Hell. I woke up when someone had responded to me but I don't remember who it was or what it said. That one made it hard for me to sleep for awhile, along with other night terrors I tend to get. I think I experienced a sort of sleep paralysis a week ago, where a dark figure was standing over my bed and I couldn't move at all and was screaming. I haven't had one where I die in awhile thank goodness.
For the people who have children, did you raise them not to believe? Are they now atheist? For awhile as I was still trying to make sense of my own questions and beliefs I half heartedly tried to turn them onto the Christian Church. Thankfully it didn't last long and they both are now non believers. ...
LadyStardust96 comments:
I'm glad I became agnostic before I have children. I'll probably teach them that there are many religions and about them, but let them choose if they want to explore further or not. I'm hoping they don't choose one, but will support them if they do.
How do we legitimately get religion out of US politics?
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It will be a slow process. People believing in religion is finally decreasing significantly. We have made a lot of progress away from religion but we have a long way to go.
What was the first date you've ever been on?
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I went to a haunted house LOL
Can Love save us, or is it just a New Age pipe dream?
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I like to believe that once more love is in the world a lot more good will be done
Genetic History
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I've done it and it helped me finally get resolution to my dad's family history. He was in my life until he died and was married to my mom and everything, he just didn't talk about his family much. I'm 53% Scandanavien, 16% Irish, 16% Iberian Pen. (not sure if Spanish or Portuguese), 5% British, 5% Russian, 4% Southern European (Greek/Italian), and <1% Middle Eastern. I've managed to track my family's history on his side to about 1500s I think (might be 1600s). It's given me some closure to stuff. I've never heard of haplogroups that's interesting.
How many atheist/agnostics used to be strictly religious?
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I wouldn't say strictly, but I used to be pretty religious. Grew up in a southern baptist church, was baptized, then moved up north and all of my friends were atheists. They helped open my eyes to things other than religion. A lot of things went into me not believing anymore (though it took I want to guess 6 or 7 years to finally come to terms with it) but I think the main thing was that realizing if God gives us paths to follow and such, that means he purposefully makes us hurt to "learn lessons" or whatever and to grow. That also includes creating cancer, allowing rape, etc. If I was a God, I wouldn't want my creations to suffer at all, and if he is all powerful, why would he (I know the answer I just don't like it lol)?
Why do so many atheist/agnostics feel it is necessary to have/go to a 'church'?
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I'd only go to church if someone I love asked me nicely to go for some reason. I'm assuming my friend will want me to go to their Christmas Eve mass and I will probably go, just because the church is beautiful and I love meeting new people even though they don't believe what I do.
What makes you feel nostalgic?
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Music from when I was child that my dad would play me, listening to the music while driving during fall when the trees are beautiful colors. It reminds me of a simpler time as a kid and only really knowing love in my life. We would also drive to Florida several times a year when I was younger, so sometimes if I'm awake in the early hours and a breeze is going I can look out the window and remember when we would be in the car almost there and smelling the beach. Filled with excitement!
Flat Earth hypothesis
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A lot of flat earthers say that the earth is flat because we only exist in a dome God created and that it's atheist scientists and the government (and I guess Satan) pretending and faking all the space travel that's happened and such. Really such a stretch to believe though, I got into a good debate about it and once I started using science I got attacked so bad for it but it was quite humorous.
Conventions for Atheists and Agnostics
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I wish they had more events like this in Washington :/ although we're a pretty liberal state so maybe I'm not looking hard enough haha
What would you LEAST be able to forgive in your spouse/partner?
LadyStardust96 comments:
Abusive behavior of any kind. I've been through enough trauma in my life I don't want to go through it ever again. Infidelity is another one, there would be ways to earn my trust back but I doubt I could forget about it.
We have to do everything possible to win. So many people bought into the "The lesser of two evils is still an evil" concept. The media is finally taking a little responsibility for allowed people to be duped, when they knew so many claims about Clinton were false. They assumed that she was going to win and they didn't bother to counter the lies spread by Russia and the Orange Nazi Trump campaign. It is not a matter of being loyal to a party or a fan of a politician to whom you give hero worship. I voted Bernie in the primary and Hillary in the election, because I knew that human rights and lives were at stake. We are losing the courts and this was and is not the time to stomp up and down because a candidate does not give you everything you want. I have been a fighter all my life and I want reform yesterday, but I agree with Bernie, we have to move ahead and get some of what we want, even if we can't get everything. Bernie would be working with Hillary right now and we would be the heroes around the world, instead of the embarrassment we have become. ...
LadyStardust96 comments:
I heard Bernie is running again as an independent and he definitely has another vote from me. I wish Hillary would just stop running, I don't hate her or anything, but she's SUPER unpopular and I wish we had like, a fresh new candidate.
Should homeschooling be legal?
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I support homeschooling mainly because we should have as many options to teach our children as possible. I absolutely hated public school, and wish I could've went to a better one (not sure of what sorts like a private school or just a nicer public school). I think there are lots of flaws to the public education system. With that being said, there are children who get super sheltered when home schooled and that's not okay, and even if not there should be an over sight because not all parents can teach well. I like that some home school families will kind of home school together or that there are now online options like my high school had. I wish I did online school when I was way younger. But every child is different, and we should let them learn in whatever environment is best for them.
LadyStardust96 comments:
Yes but I also felt free once I finally came to terms that I don't believe anymore. Sometimes I feel it once I realize how mortal we really are and when I'm feeling alone there isn't someone to pray to to feel better. But I'd rather go through the abandonment than be religious.
A couple of years back we attempted to start the Nationa Atheist Party. It failed for various reasons. One of those was not enough social media support for the group. We had over 300 members at one time but I believe it can be larger and stronger. Your thoughts and suggestions?...
LadyStardust96 comments:
Is there a way to get more information about it?
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