I've recently left the Christian religion and now identify as Agnostic. It's still really weird and new to me not to believe in a God since it's how I was raised and such. I want to meet all kinds of new people who understand me on that level I'm bisexual btw!

Why do so many Atheist believe in Ghosts?
Comment: I believe in Ghosts, but don't think they are specific to religion. To be honest I don't have a good answer why I do, and maybe it will change as I get older.
I 100% know there is a God or is no God
Comment: Mine I think is set to 90% believe there is no God. But for me, I mean like a Christian God. I'm not sure what if anything outside of our mortal lives exist, which is why I'm Agnostic.
Do you ever get used to loss?
Comment: I guess you never fully recover from it, you just learn to cope. And through time you start remembering more positive thoughts (at least with a death) then negative.

It's been nearly 3 years since my dad passed away. The pain isn't so bad anymore, but I still think about him every day. But not it isn't that I'll never see him again, it's of the good memories I have from when he was alive.
What is your Heaven?
Comment: For me, heaven would be that I wouldn't have to worry about losing everything I've earned. My animals (horses and dogs) would be happy and healthy. Hopefully have a family and a good career. Be able to have farm animals again (like sheep, they are so much fun).

I guess that's my heaven, seems pretty basic. I've had it rough for a few years and am ready to be happy again.
I want a path to follow though I don't believe how to find meaning w out a god?
Comment: I agree with another user that you should look into Philosophy! It takes some time to get used to but I've learned SO much since studying it!
Does "have a blessed day" bother you?
Comment: The only time I would have an issue with a religious phrase is if it's used in a snarky way.
Do you object to the term "RELIGITARDS" or do you think it appropriate?
Comment: Anything using the word retard as a slur is not okay in my book. Kind of like how "libtard" is used.
Are any agnostics / atheists here not 'out' to family and friends yet? What is stopping you? Can we help? The sense of liberation and clarity you will feel is exceptional, but I can totally understand how people may dread the consequences. "Feel the fear and do it anyway" - its your life so live it your way. Hey, if its really bad then you can always go back! The religious love a returning prodigal........
Comment: I'm not yet. I tried with my sister and her reaction was horrible. So I just...plan to keep it that way as to not upset my mom. I'm out to my non religious cousins (not many of us) but as a whole I just don't want to deal with the negative reactions.
Monogamy vs. Ethical Non-Monogamy. Ready set....discuss
Comment: To each their own I'm exploring polyamory myself currently. As long as no one is being hurt on purpose then all is good!
Should public nudity be legal?
Comment: I'm kind of conflicted about it. Like, people should be able to do what they want, but I also think that there is a time and a place for it. Idk, I also don't want my genitals touching where someone else's genitals were touching LOL. That's a personal thing though, if it doesn't bother you then whatever I suppose.

At least let woman be able to be topless. I'd love to swim in just shorts or something when it's super hot or like, if certain places that allow shirtless men not wear shirts then I should be able to as well. Maybe someday haha
Bumping Uglies
Comment: I think my genuine insecurities about myself does it the most. I'm also over weight so that's a big part of it as well. I kind of, don't expect for guys (and gals, although I haven't pursued a relationship with a female yet) to stick around so I always get really defensive and such. I'm not a jerk about it, but I can tell that it confuses people interested in me. They can't always tell if I like them or not. I'm pretty subtle about it all cause I'm too scared to get hurt for the millionth time. It's something I want to work on, letting people in more but it's not gonna be easy.
Has anyone been able to maintain or be currently maintaining an intimate relationship with a religious person as an atheist yourself? If so did or does religion ever cause issues in that relationship?
Comment: Well as an agnostic I haven't dated someone still religious yet. When I was religious I don't think I ever dated another religious person. I never had an issue with it. My sister is in a 3 year relationship and she's religious and he isn't. So if the people are good people and don't want to force you into their belief then it could work.

The only main issue I see is if you plan to have kids. Then I could see it being a problem I would rather my child have the choice whether or not to look into religion, but I'm sure a religious person would want them to start going to church (or whatever place of worship) as a young child. I just personally don't think it's right. But I'm sure there could be a good compromise where everyone is happy.
Overpopulation: Fact Or Myth?
Comment: In my opinion yes , but it wouldn't be so bad if we weren't polluting the hell out of our planet. It can sustain the number of people we have so far, but we need to take better care of it or soon it won't be able too.
Are you still able to appreciate religious art, or does the religious message prevent you from appreciating it? For example, would you still like a Christian band that plays really good music, or a religious film that you think is beautifully shot? ...
Comment: I appreciate art from all religions, cultures, etc. There are many beautiful songs that are Christian but I still enjoy them. I enjoyed the new Moses movie too, and I appreciate them for what they are. There is a lot of history in a lot of the art pieces too like in the Cathedrals and such or older paintings.
Non traditional vs traditional weddings
Comment: I've only been to two weddings, which it was one of each. I plan on having a really unconventional wedding where everyone can have fun. Not that the traditional one wasn't fun, but they seem a lot more "stricter" than non traditional.
Are you the only atheist/agnostic in your household?
Comment: Yes but I've only told my sister...and she had a very negative reaction about it. My mothers will be the same once I finally say it but I haven't yet. She suspects it though...almost my whole family is either Catholic or Christian so it's not something I can really just freely discuss (I wish I could, but I'd rather not deal with the questioning).
Atheist funeral?
Comment: My dad was religious (and I was at the time of his death) but we did a celebration of life styled funeral. He was in a rock band so we played some of his favorite rock music then I read a Eulogy to my dad.

I kind of want mine to be a crazy party people have fun at, but that might be because I'm just 21 I would love to hear the experiences of others!
Thoughts on Gender Identity?
Comment: I support what the individual personally feels that their gender identity is. It's a fairly new concept (to my knowledge at least) for there to be more genders than female or male (including transgenders transitioning to the opposite sex such as male to female and female to male). And with that new concept, realizing that gender and sex are different. Imagine if when we were born, we were just told we had a certain set of genitals, but only that. That we weren't female or male, just whatever our name is. And as we grow up, we can decide for ourselves what we are. To me that's kind of a cool concept but I'm not going to go super detailed into it. Just being me without a gender slapped on me to define me. Some people do like a gender to identify with which should be their right as well.

I just, don't see the harm in it like many people do. It doesn't affect you personally, so why be against it? Just move on, but don't bully people who are different than you. But to answer your question in short, yes we are. Like we do everything, we question customs as time goes on and whether they should change or not. That's whats currently going on. BUT, if you deny it, don't use religion to prove your point, it's unconstitutional to push your religion ideologies on others (or I should say in my opinion morally wrong).
Agnostic vs. Atheist?
Comment: I'm agnostic because I don't think there is any way of knowing if there is some sort of higher power or after life that exists. I don't believe any of the current religions are correct (or at least I hope not, not a big fan of God myself) and I just, don't think we could ever prove it for sure either way. Just my opinion though.
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