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South Carolina, USA

Humanist, Secularist, Freethinker
Here for community

She will make up her mind for herself. Trust me
Bedfordshire, UK

Agnostic, Atheist, Humanist, Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker
Open to meeting women

I've been a widower since 2007 and retired since 2009 (officially). I have one daughter and two grandchildren. I volunteer at a charity for the homeless for a few hours a week and would take a part time job if any body was desperate for help. I do indoor climbing and a bit outdoors. I don't do birthdays but supply cakes around the relevant part of the year because I never refuse cakes when offered. I don't have pets but don't object to stroking other people's. (Providing they don't slobber, bite or scratch.) I try not to watch too much television and enjoy going to the theatre now and again. The last thing I saw was 'The Peter Pan That Went Wrong" in London. (unbelievably funny) My moral direction can be summed up in one sentence: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". I do have subclauses to deal with those whose direction is not the same, but I keep those hidden until needed.

Why wouldn't he?

Missouri, USA

Agnostic, Atheist, Humanist, Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker, Antitheist
Open to meeting women

To sum it all up... I’m a Certified Medical Assistant, Movie Enthusiasts, Dc/Marvel fan, Minimalist, Geek, Coffee Addicted (ha), Hammocker, Camper, Vanlife, former Boy Scout Leader, former mobile Disc Jockey,Technology Enthusiasts, 1st Degree Black Belt in TKD, Photographer, Videographer, & a Vlogger. AND I’M SINGLE. (Insert laughter here!) Way tooo many interests & hobbies to list in this box.

What does that person have, that the chicken wants?

Maryland, USA

Atheist, Humanist, Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker
Here for community

I've been married for 38+ years and it's still rolling along. I was raised on a dairy farm in Upstate NY. After high school I had a 20-year military career followed by a 27-year civilian career. I'm now retired. During my working years I had the opportunity to live and travel in other countries besides the U.S. Seeing people living in other cultures and serving different religions did much to shape my personal life philosophy and beliefs. When I'm not busy being retired, I ride my motorcycle, which I've been doing for about 48 years, work around the house, watch tv, read, cook, look around on the internet, exercise and either listen to or music. Right now I'm trying to learn to the banjo. Sometimes I do well and sometimes I feel like it's just stringing me along. 😁 I'm here because I'm interested in what other people have to say about different things. Often you learn something. There's always room for more knowledge, ideas and friends. I love to laugh and have others laugh with me. I've been told I have a good, and maybe sometimes off-the-wall, sense of humor. Good conversation is wonderful...flirting is optional. 😉

Yes, if you're actively living in the environment, not staying on some "little America" conclave in the middle of that country. It gives you a true perspective of the ways the world works and how lucky you are to have been born in the U.S., even with it's imperfections.

Gotham City, USA

Atheist, Humanist, Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker, Antitheist
Open to meeting women

Recently divorced and dealing with the fallout of losing what I hold most dear. Picking up the pieces, as they say, though I feel my fate will be shared with Humpty Dumpty. I'm not really looking for anything relationship-wise. If I hit it off with someone, great. I'm not going say no a good fit, but it's not a priority right now. Friends are most welcome.

Teach your child how to think, that way the idea of religion will hold no sway.

California, USA

Atheist, Humanist, Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker, Antitheist
Open to meeting women

Looking to meet new friends of like mind, and maybe more if it feels right. Looking to have some fun and some good conversation over a beer or maybe a cigar. Though I have no formal education beyond high school, I do consider myself a polymath. I enjoy cars and motorcycles. Currently ride a 2016 Triumph America. I also own a 1965 Ford Falcon Ranchero, which I'm trying to get motivated to restore. I am a rockhound, and love going to the desert to collect. I am an avid pool player, though I tend to take it a little too seriously. I'm not big into sports with the exception of baseball. I enjoy cigar and pipe smoking, and likely always will. I like a good Belgian ale on occasion. I love sushi, though I haven't found a really good restaurant in a very long time.

I so want to touch that belly!

Texas, USA

Atheist, Humanist, Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker, Antitheist
Here for community

Enjoy coffee and conversation, 20th century German Philosophy, music, movies, and books. A devoted pet parent, my girl inspires joy and happiness everyday. I try to enjoy the little things; a great meal, laughter, and good company. I rarely drink alcohol, although I've been known to enjoy a cocktail with a meal from time to time. I enjoy an evening out, but prefer staying in, or having friends over. Looking forward to meeting new people...

I'm still daughter recommended. We are both Atheist. But, I have enjoyed, thus far. I'll weigh in when I'm a little further in.

The Sticks In Eastern, USA

Agnostic, Humanist, Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker
Open to meeting men

I suppose I should write something here... I am fun, funny, witty, sometimes sarcastic. I am also kind, compassionate, empathic and am liberal in my outlook on life. I am married with teenagers but am also polyamorous, so I'm open to the possibility of finding another localish partner if it is the right fit. I'm pretty much an open book so you can ask me anything. :-)

Hmmm...Clapton Wondeful Tonight is always on that list for me.

Michigan, USA

Atheist, Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker, Antitheist
Open to meeting women

Grew up poor in a middle class environment. Liberal pragmatist with little patience for foolishness, and no tolerance for bullies. Raised religiously apathetic. (single mother, who was raised protestant, and never really practiced). So the conversion to actual atheism/anti-theism was fairly inevitable. I enjoy things that grant the illusion of purpose, and distract us from the mundane, And I try to live by the guiding rule of harm none that have not harmed you. That being said, I can be a petty bastard when it comes to retribution. Thats all I have to say about me without specific questions, hate to talk about myself, too much bias.

after decades in the service industry, I can talk to anyone. Of course that part of me is an entirely false front designed to make people comfortable and relaxed, and not actually representative of who I am.

Florida, USA

Atheist, Humanist, Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker
Here for community

My life has changed in so many ways since coming into this community on April 21, 2018, it is almost mind boggling! Not only have I made some wonderful friends. More importantly, I found a loving partner through this site. So if you are looking for love, it's out there, just be patient! I was born in Germany, and lived there until I was in my 20's. I have 2 adult children and a crazy senior dog. I work as a paralegal for a local law firm, and find my job very rewarding. I have lived in north central Florida since 1999.


New York, USA

Atheist, Humanist
Open to meeting women

Hi, I'm a free thinking boomer. Baptized as a Catholic and indoctrinated by nuns. Doubts started early after asking a priest " If Adam and Eve were the first people, where did the cavemen come from" He couldn't anser to my satisfaction. I started questioning what I had been taught and stopped believing the bullshit at about age 16. When I was 14 I sold cotton candy at the Barnum and Bailey Circus in Buffalo and at 19 was a brakeman on the South Buffalo Railroad. My political activism started when I became Clean for Gene in 1967. I became active in city politics after being discharged from the army. Volunteered in McGoverns race in 72 and was on Carters field staff in 76. After the Carter campaign I worked as a political campaign consultant and manager and was a political account executive for an ad agency. Between political gigs I worked as a legislative aide for a city councilman, established and was director of a city recycling program, a fisheries tech with the N.Y. DEC, prepared environmental review records for block grant proposals and was county coordinator of municipal affairs , responsible for all federal programs in Potter County Pa. Got tired of all the responsibily and bullshit and took a job with the post office. I've been around. I used to be ambitious now I am content. I have a house which I built, not a mansion but liveable,a pond and 17 acres. I'm a recent widower after a 35 year marriage and am not ready to commit to a long term relationship at this time. I like to take road trips to see scenic and historic sites and to discover and explore new places am ready to go on a moments notice. I'd love a companion.

That's not sick, that's funny.

Tampa, USA

Agnostic, Atheist, Humanist, Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker, Antitheist
Here for community

Florida native, anti-liberal and former middle east population control specialist. *Generic biography that no one actually reads or cares about.*

Take notes (dates and times) who, what was said, where it was said. Once you have something you can assess and search out HR.

Øvre Årdal, Norway

Agnostic, Humanist
Open to meeting women

Aren’t those bio fields always difficult finish? I am Pedro, Brazilian engineer living in a small village in the mountains of Norway, trying not freeze around here. I spend a lot of time reading (on a long project about reading the fundamental books of western civilization), studying (mostly the local language that I am struggling master) and training at gym/hiking/biking. Looking for interesting conversations, funny people, companions for trips, and in general expand friendship circle and my knowledge about the world.

There are many interviews with people telling how to use the child fairy tales, Santa, tooth fairy and other stuff as scientific experiments to teach kids how to develop this way of thinking. This is a famous one But the kid will have influence of the society around, what you can do is to provide tools for the little one be able to deal with it.

Glen Ellyn, USA

Agnostic, Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker, Spiritual
Open to meeting women

Music, Art, Sense of Humor, Sense of Wonder.......

Nice try at giving me the oid heave-ho under the bus,@Mr Tallman.....close inspection reveals a discoloration that looks much like corrosion! We would have to get the @Science Guy involved, but I will offer the opinion that Outer Space does not have the necessary elements. of water and oxegen and acids and salts to create the Rusty Beater effect that is plainly visible. Now, who initiated this Hoax? Well, who has something to gain? Not the Aliens, who's presence would be revealed, much to the detriment of their peace of mind. Not Jasen (me), because I find enough Real Aliens to establish my reputation. Who would gain the most by discrediting me? I think we know.....He Who Smelt It, Dealt It, was YOU!......

California, USA

Open to meeting women

Fifth generation Angeleno who's done some time on the East Coast. Though I'm edging into the grayhead years, I still have aspirations (and unfulfilled ambitions). I enjoy talking about the ponderous with interested parties – small talk's not really my jam. I'm still co-raising a teenager so I don't have the luxury of taking myself too seriously. I feel stuff: I hope to meet others who do too.

Ever dated a religious person

Once, on my way home from my teenage job, a workmate suggested I give this adorable redhead a ride home. In the car and calculating my charm offensive to win her over, Surrender by J Geils came on the radio (yep, that long ago). That was all she needed to go full witnessing. *What surrender means to me, bla zay bla zay on and on...* In a hot second she went from hot redheaded girl to pearl-clutching church lady. Bye, Felicia! I've dated others who were believers more or less but not religious. Maybe it's *religious* that's line in the sand.
Dublin, Ireland

Open to meeting women

Living in Ireland for 14 years, still having my story written.

I don't know what to tell you, people will try to help you but everyone has a different opinion and do things differently. While you're working there keep your journal going, write down everything. One thing for sure is to try to find a better workplace. I believe you will make the decision when the time comes for the best or for the worst. I'll be here and support you, specially after passing through a similar situation, not as heavy as yours though. All the best, don't give in, never surrender.

Pennsylvania, USA

Open to meeting women

I am a reluctantly retired chemist from the pharmaceutical industry. I am long divorced. My ex and I raised four children and share five grandchildren. We have resolved enough of our differences so that we can stand to be at the same table on family occasions. My chief recreations are duplicate bridge and listening to jazz, preferably live. Most of my friends are musicians or bridge players.

Ever dated a religious person

I fell in love with a religious girl over sixty years ago. I never stopped loving her. She dumped me. I cried all the way home that night.
Ohio, USA

Agnostic, Atheist, Humanist, Secularist, Freethinker
Open to meeting women

Technology professional recently moved from Toledo to Cleveland, staying in northern Ohio.

Your best bet is not to try to keep your child in ignorance, but rather expose them to as many different systems of belief as possible... Including critical thinking, and magical thinking versus scientific logic.

Arizona, USA

Atheist, Humanist, Secularist, Skeptic, Antitheist
Open to meeting women

I am originally from the Chicago area and now live in Tucson. I love playing and writing music, very few things I would rather do and then it's conditional. I am a fan of all artistic endeavors but I concentrate on music. I have a job I enjoy, i find it fulfilling. I am an animal lover but do not currently have any pets. I am of the mindset that no one ever has to many friends and look forward to making more here. I'm something of a sapiophile and I would be interested in meeting like minded women.

Just one? Army of Darkness

Chula Vista,California, USA

Atheist, Freethinker
Open to meeting men

I don't like talking about myself. I'm sarcastic so I try to be subtle and not piss people off. I'm from Boston so I am a sports fan,SoxCeltsPatsBruins!

Wow,spot on!

Bristol, City of, UK

Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker, Spiritual
Open to meeting women and trans women

Travelled the world, all seven continents, and into the wilderness to find a mountain cave and solitude... Now I'm down from the mountain and out of the wilderness, and back in the marketplace of work, money, and humanity. Giving serious consideration to travelling to Polynesia via South America. I'd also volunteer for a deep space mission, or going to Mars or the Moon, or even two orbits and a spacewalk. Now I'm in the City of Bristol, UK. Lots of gravity and weather. Pretty city though; lots of green spaces, multicultural, and a long, dark, and interesting history. Lots to do, if you are into doing things and going to events. I don't really care for that so much. I don't like crowds. Though a very loud gig or drinking in a pub is not out of the question. Concert or festival is also possibility. I don't like social media or watching TV, but I like watching films, listening to music, and stand up comedians on YouTube. I don't like going to comedy clubs, unless I am up for telling a story on the open mic. Karaoke? Never!--Not unless you're buying. I like talking to people, animals, gardening, especially planting trees and growing my own food, writing, reading, laughing, cooking and eating, sleeping and dreaming, teaching, learning, walking, breathing, and thinking. I also like female company for conversation, camaraderie, learning and teaching, dancing and drinking, long walks, laughter and love, food and friendship, travel, and intense and wild sex. At my age--on my 52nd orbit around the Sun--I'd be so lucky.


Ohio, USA

Agnostic, Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker, Spiritual
Here for community

Greeting to my fellow members on this site. First I would like to thank the creators of this site for doing such a wonderful job and allowing those of us with non religious views to network with like minded people. I was raised in an urban area in New Jersey with Christianity being my parents choice of religion, Even though I grew up in a Christian household I have always had my doubts. I am an introvert that can do well in social climates as well, My hobbies are exercise, aerobics, reading, dancing and hiking, I am very a liberal agnostic and have no desire to debate the existence or non existence of god, Whatever the next man chooses as their belief is their prerogative, I am on here primarily for community.

Don't know which is more repulsive the name or the person

Alabama, USA

Agnostic, Atheist, Humanist, Secularist, Freethinker, Spiritual, Antitheist
Open to meeting women

Life, I have to admit is "Never a dull moment !" Have challenged the "God" thing since 1st grade (in fact I managed to get transferred out of a Catholic School beginning of 2nd grade because I was always questioning it...never made sense) of my two younger sisters converted to Buddhism and found peace...the other became a Lutheran about a diverse family...that led to some interesting conversations...if I were to follow any teaching I admit it would be Buddhist... To me Nature, all of life and all of this Universe is my spiritual blanket...and that is what gives me peace. The overwhelming, unfathomable realization of our part in the vastness of our universe is far greater than any Religion could ever be... Personal relationships have always suffered because A) I was always afraid to fully commit to an Atheist philosophy, and B) anytime I hinted at it ... Well duhhh...I got slammed from all sides because of "The Norm" ... First wife was Atheist and I didn't understand at the time that it was OK to not march to the same drum as the side of me loved her for her brave attitude but the other side punished me for my "fall from grace"...very confusing considering I questioned the mania early on... Second marriage was a Religious Expose on just how hippocritical Religion really was and third marriage was an exercise in "Pass the buck"... Within two years into my third marriage I made the transition to "non-believer"...this being brought on by a cheating spouse who didn't much care if "i had a hard time forgiving her" because her take was "the devil made her do was the stress of being a stay at home mom...and Her God forgave her and my feelings didn't count !"...REALLY ? I finally woke up to reality when I realized how MUCH the "Good Christians" are willing to cherry pick and hide behind their religion ... Far be it from them to take responsibility for their own actions...Don't get me wrong...I am not perfect in any way but good grief ! Anyway I finally said "FUCK THIS...FUCK YOUR RELIGION...AND ... FUCK YOU !" Got a divorce and 4 years of Cognitive Therepy with my son and am finally at peace with myself. All this while living in "THE BIBLE BELT"...that was fun...but I still managed to make friends...they continually "pray for my salvation" but they realize I am not a bad person ... Even though they consider me a lost cause. Had 4 children ... Lost the oldest to a tragic accident...of the other three ... One is in college...other is in Military...and youngeat, 18 is Aspergers and now resides with me...he is very intelligent though and its now a matter of finding his passion and get to college...and he is an Atheist like me...told you he was intelligent...🐸 .I am a multifaceted individual who doesn't put up with the BS anymore. I am a Liberal and I respect all people that deserve respect and even those of different opinion...just don't make it personal or the BS Claus kicks in real hard. I love everything that life has to offer and am not afraid to try something new. I prefer to read rather than veg on the boob tube...i love to hike and sail and ski (snow only). Will try just about anything once...twice if I like it...Am open to try pretty much anything...Would love to find a soul mate/partner in crime to share some.adventure ... Have a love for eroticism. I created a group just for that and would love for us all to share our fantasies and adventures... I have also discovered a liking for Dom/Sub B+D...I would love to explore this more with someone...I am also Polyamorous and would like to be someone's is short but each moment can be stretched. I am easy to get along with and I respect all. We are here for community, discussion and fun... Namaste

Somebody is very militant me thinks...not to mention mentally unstable...somebody grab the straight jacket.

Somewhere In, USA

Atheist, Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker
Here for community

I am a formless, gelatinous mass that reproduces asexually and lives on a diet of nutrients found in the mosses and lichens that grow wild on my planet. I have no central nervous system to speak of, however, I can feel... Wait, sorry, that's my Star Trek gamer profile. My actual profile is a little more mundane. I work in an office,seated at my desk for endless hours at a computer. This work pays my bills. I'm also a writer where I work from home, seated at my desk for endless hours at a computer. However, I have more to show for that effort as I have one completed book and I'm currently writing another. I also spent years working as a graphic designer (a job I loved) until that job got "downsized." I was raised a Roman Catholic but jettisoned that bullshit by the time I was 21. I am now a middle-aged man who is absolutely going to Hell after I die...if there were one. I LOVE animals, HATE Trump and had an awesome UFO sighting back in 1989. I'm looking to make friends here and to start off by simply writing and getting to know people. If you'd like to check out my book you can click the link below to see it on its Amazon landing page where you can read the blurb, consider the reviews, and see what you think. If interested, you can also look at my Illustration/Graphics portfolio online at this link.

Praise the LORD!

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