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Evansville, USA

Agnostic, Atheist, Humanist, Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker, Antitheist
Open to meeting women

I'm a professional artist, tattooist, and business owner. I'm pretty busy most of the time but family always comes first. I know I look scary but I didn't get to pick my face. Maybe its the Viking ancestors coming out but I've never felt the need to ever put my hands on anyone other than in Judo practice. I don't even believe in spanking except in extreme cases, so I've never spanked any of my kids. Not sure I made the right career choice as my biology teacher wanted me to become a genetic physicist. Couldn't get further apart but I love science as much as art so it wasn't an easy choice. I spent 6 years in the military. After studying lots of religions I found some of the practices and views are helpful. I was really attracted to Zen Buddhism which has no gods. I do not buy into any of the dogmas and do not chase after enlightenment. It is a peaceful way to live your life is all I get from it. That's a good enough reason for me. Compassion is central to my life. The more I suffer the compassion I have for others suffering. I have been an atheist as long as I can remember and have always enjoyed debating. I believe challenging all beliefs is the only way to really tell whats valid so I do not have limits on what can be questioned. Question everything, especially those I believe are true. I would never try to harm someone, I believe to let delusions stand causes more harm than just hurt feelings. I'm always thankful when someone mashes my illusions although it stings a bit at first. Knowing the truth is more important than my ego. I would love to have a deep connection to someone with my beliefs or lack of. Every long-term relationship I've been in was with a believer and it has been an issue with them all although it never caused any to end. I travel a lot and enjoy going to concerts for music and stand-up comedy. You can always find me on FB pissing off believers also. If you are a normal person I'm not your kinda person although I'm very open-minded. I just stand out in public a lot although that's changing a lot now. I'm actually a pretty normal person aside from my looks. I do not think exactly like those around me so I tend to shock people at times because I reject certain social norms. They all have a time and place, there are just sometimes and places I don't agree with. I generally will not accept responsibility for others feelings is one example. That doesn't mean I don't care for others feeling, I just believe happiness lays inside not in what others do or do not do. I'm dedicated to freeing myself from attachments to the illusion other things or people can bring happiness. They can bring joy to your life without falling into the trap of thinking they are the true source of happiness. I don't believe I can truly have a good relationship with others if I don't have a good one with myself. Many people assume I was young when I tattooed my face, not true. I did it just before my 50th birthday. It's something I wanted since I was in my early 20s but so afraid of the effect on my kids. I should have done it sooner since it's turned out to be no big deal any of them. It's not had any real effect on my life other than really limiting the dating pool but I understood that going into it. Public reaction has been shockingly apathetic, seems the public has changed a bit since I first started working in the business. When I first stretched my earlobes back in the mid-90s that freaked people out. Very few had ever seen it before back then and they couldn't believe their eyes. People asked me if I was using mirrors to make it look like they could see through it. It was really funny at times. I'm sure there are plenty that talks shit when I'm not around but no one is brave enough to say anything in front of me. That's where looking scary comes in handy I guess. I'm happy to help anyone with any art questions so if you have any don't hesitate to ask. Since I'm clearly not for most when it comes to dating. I do not usually contact or message women about dating mainly because of its a big waste of time for everyone. If you are brave enough to date someone like me you will just have to be brave enough to message me first. Sorry for the grammar, I always hated English class. Hell yes I've got baggage, I've been alive for a half century. I wasn't sitting around waiting for the next life, I've been living the shit of out this life.

Just saw them at Forecastle Music Festival in Lousiville, good show

Oklahoma, USA

Atheist, Humanist, Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker, Antitheist
Open to meeting women

I've never believed in god. As a young person, I tried really hard, thinking there might be something wrong with me, only to come to the conclusion that the wrong was only with those that believe.

She sounds like a true idiot.

Illinois, USA

Agnostic, Atheist, Freethinker, Spiritual
Here for community

Here for community.

And a nice Merlot!

Ohio, USA

Agnostic, Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker, Spiritual
Here for community

Greeting to my fellow members on this site. First I would like to thank the creators of this site for doing such a wonderful job and allowing those of us with non religious views to network with like minded people. I was raised in an urban area in New Jersey with Christianity being my parents choice of religion, Even though I grew up in a Christian household I have always had my doubts. I am an introvert that can do well in social climates as well, My hobbies are exercise, aerobics, reading, dancing and hiking, I am very a liberal agnostic and have no desire to debate the existence or non existence of god, Whatever the next man chooses as their belief is their prerogative, I am on here primarily for community.

Cute. What breed is he or she?

Fort Pierce, USA

Open to meeting men, women, trans men, trans women, genderfluids and others

Looking for other non- believers to connect with- platonically or otherwise since religion and conservative go hand and hand down here. I live on Florida's Treasure Coast but have roots in the midwest; specifically Kentuckiana where I spent most of my childhood. Any sci-fi fans here?

Use four words to make an impactful sentence...

Be not a dick
West Virginia, USA

Agnostic, Atheist, Humanist, Secularist, Freethinker
Open to meeting women

Hello there! A pleasure to meet you! Just a normal(ish) fella here to check out what I hope to be a community of fellow free thinkers, open minds, and heathens. I'm really interested in seeing what conversations and discussions might unfold here and am always open to some friendly banter. Persuaded deeper into this community by the promise of a passionate discussion or two. A little about me: I'm an outgoing introvert who enjoys good reads, good coffee, good beer, good movies, and various outdoor pursuits. I'm in an open marriage and am polyamorous. Not necessarily looking to date but am open to opportunities to meet new and interesting people and see where things go. I'm a strong believer in honesty, open-mindedness, and the power of listening (though I'm not perfect in any of those qualities). IA>NM>WV Big love!

Being afraid of people depending on me only to have me fail to provide what they depend on. This can really limit my ability to step outside myself sometimes.

Above Nashville, USA

Agnostic, Atheist, Humanist, Secularist, Skeptic
Open to meeting women

Since this seems to be a thing here, I'm an INFP. I'm a young(ish) professional writer trying to give people a little hope. Minus the Jesus. I've lived in Kentucky and Florida, but the former is home. My religion, as with any true Kentuckian, is Kentucky basketball and bourbon. Despite what I just wrote, I'm neither a typical fanatic or alcoholic. For that matter, I'm not really good at being a southern man at all. My friends would probably say I'm super laid-back. I like to think I've just learned when it's best to keep my mouth shut. Secretly, I'm kind of a goofball, I love making people laugh and pressing buttons. I guess I'm a paradox after all. Open to chatting with whoever, I don't really know what to expect from this.

My go to when I get bored is AoE2. I'm not good at it, even after it has existed for almost 20 years. But it's fun, the community is alive and kicking and it's a great time. Heck, I even watch people play on it Twitch to see how the experts do it. I never did get into city sims or roller coaster tycoons, but biz management sims can also be addictive if they're done right!

Hobbit Hills Of NE, USA

Agnostic, Atheist, Humanist, Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker, Antitheist
Open to meeting women

I am a cautious pilgrim of the night, a tentative wanderer among the stars. My awareness of my home in the universe is fleeting and incomplete. Into the homeless home of the sun-faced buddha I have stepped but briefly. My quest, such as it is, is rewarded with faint lights and scrawny cries, a trait here and trait there, a hint of the infinite and a tingle in the spine. Of "minute particulars" I will make my way. —“The Soul of the Night” by Chet Raymo My sense of unyielding melancholy brings all the existentialists to the yard. You had me at “staring into the abyss.” Stark in the streets, wildling in the sheets. 6’ INFP Buddhist/Satanist, monogamous, sapiosexual, cunning linguist, musician, geek, farmer, progressive. No kids, never married, living a monastic level of solitude for longer than anyone should. Radically honest, ask me anything.

Have you ever thought yourself into a bad mood?

For sure. Usually I expect and react my way into a bad mood though, thinking my way into a worse one as we go along. It takes a varied set of delicate tools to paint such a cronenbergian hellscape on the heart with the casual composure of bob Ross, but I’m getting there. Happy little trees... happy lil trees. 🌲 👀 🌲
Kentucky, USA

Open to meeting men

My motto is never look back always look forward and everyone deserves to be happy. I'm a woman who has a very strong desire for a long term relationship, a woman that has love in abundant and is ready to give it out to a man that needs care and support in life. I'm a simple woman who enjoy simplest things in life, but I need a man to share with me this nice life. I just wanna love and be loved, honest, respect. Although every relationship has it up and down I will treat my man with love and respect. I want a man who is ready to be treated with honor, respect, plenty of affection & desire to build a strong honest relationship. I would love a long term relationship, providing the feeling is mutual & the chemistry is there.

Bowling Green, USA

Agnostic, Atheist, Humanist, Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker, Antitheist
Open to meeting men

I’m sporadic with my activity on this site. My attention just isn’t easily kept. If you’d like to know more, message me.

I agree with the commenters before me, but have this to add. You said you’re sure he met someone else... perhaps. But one of the aspects of being poly is that you don’t have to just love one person. Take some solace in knowing he may still love you, despite not wanting to be exclusive. In fact, his honesty about not having interest in being exclusive is probably a sign that he cares about you enough to respect your priorities, and understands that attempting monogamy may end up hurting you in the end, if that’s not his true nature. I know a lot of cheating monogamists who don’t have that level of decency. Hope that helps.

Galway, Ireland

Agnostic, Atheist, Humanist, Skeptic, Freethinker, Antitheist
Open to meeting women

From West Yorkshie but living in the West of Ireland my favorite things are cooking, laughing and kissing in no particular order.

Levels of intimacy

That sounds like metronomic and a sense of taste, which does sound sexual but really being into someone is much more than that i feel and think.
New York, USA

Here for community

Hi! I'm a married homeschool mom here to find other atheist friends. I am a very open person. The friends I do have, say I have no filter. I'm extremely random and clumsy. My life goal is to make it to all 50 states. I've been to 12 states so far. Feel free to introduce yourself. For locals, I started a facebook group. Message me if you're interested in joining.

Don't assume. Want to know my limits? Ask me! Don't be a dick. No means NO! Don't start asking why or trying to do a workaround.

Wisconsin, USA

Agnostic, Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker, Spiritual
Open to meeting women

Greetings. I am a certified data geek. I love crunching numbers and digging into our work databases to create reports. So far, up to this point, I have been self -taught (Google is my friend). However, in the spirit of completion and a renewed sense of self-worth, I am returning to college this fall to get my Computer Science degree. I have been a 'doubter' of religion since my late high school years. Which is quite the switch, because at the beginning of high school, my life's ambition was to be a pastor. I spent many years in the 'what if' stage. "What if I am wrong and I am condemning myself to eternal hell." Finally got through that about 10 years ago and then entered a phase where I was super pissed at anything that even had a whiff of religion. Now, I see that for certain people, the external structure that religion provides to them can be a comfort. I pretty much leave them be now - unless they are trying to proselytize me. My body is a work in progress. I have lost 70 lbs since the beginning of February and I still want to lose another 65-70 lbs. I have started walking/running with the goal of running in a 5K with my sister at the end of September. The pictures in the gray shirt are current as of about 7/15. I plan on posting more as I get closer to my goal. I love that I have found this community. I have never before been so engaged in an online arena. I am open to meeting people from here. While historically, I have been a monogamous individual, I found that I am poly-friendly and love the concept of compersion. Drop me a message if you want to chat. Thank you and take care.

Wie gehts?

Oklahoma, USA

Atheist, Secularist, Freethinker
Open to meeting men

I would always prefer to hear an ugly truth over a pretty lie. I believe if both people want to overcome something, anything is possible....through communication and honesty. But what do I know. Guess that’s why I’m single lol.
slow, USA

Agnostic, Humanist, Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker
Open to meeting women

I've been on this site a little while now, and have found many very interesting people and friends. I do not feel like I'm on a mission to tear down people's faith. Being agnostic, I find that a selfish and arrogant way to live. I just want to appreciate and belong to the community I found here. I was born into a very conservative Protestant tradition, which I continued to live with despite my doubts until I my late teens. I do not live contentiously with my family or friends from those days. I do not believe that because someone is religious they're stupid or unworthy of respect. As long as they treat me with respect, I tend to do likewise. My political leanings are very liberal. I like all kinds of food, and most types of music. I think it would be wonderful to meet a special someone to share life with, but my appreciation for the Simplicity of the single life makes me feel that another marriage is unlikely. Of course love, being what it is, has a way of changing things. I have many varied interests. I like to play disc golf and have for many years. I have a pretty nice collection of Frisbees and old vinyl records. I work as a carpenter and an artist primarily. I make wooden spoons and spatulas and various other items. I do not presume to know much about what will happen next, but there is a good probability it will involve a sandwich or something.

good morning GG!

Arizona, USA

Open to meeting women

In addition to being totally unreligious, I'm also a don't feel that animals should hafta die to feed me...I am searching for a connection with the right woman...I am also reinventing myself since my divorce...To some I am a work in progress, but are'nt we all really works in progress? Where is my missing puzzle piece?

Whaaaaaat the fuck.....

Missouri, USA

Agnostic, Atheist, Humanist, Skeptic, Freethinker, Antitheist
Open to meeting women

To sum it all up... I’m a Certified Medical Assistant, Movie Enthusiasts, Dc/Marvel fan, Minimalist, Geek, Coffee Addicted (ha), Hammocker, Camper, Vanlife, former Boy Scout Leader, former mobile Disc Jockey,Technology Enthusiasts, 1st Degree Black Belt in TKD, Photographer, Videographer, & a Vlogger. AND I’M SINGLE. (Insert laughter here!) Way tooo many interests & hobbies to list in this box.


Tennessee, USA

Atheist, Humanist, Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker, Antitheist
Here for community

Christian from 3 to 39, painful deconversion process the last 20 years of it. Proud momma of two great boys: a teen and a tween. One thing that I know for sure is that this beautiful life is all that matters, might as well enjoy it.

Dog and I block every guy with a cat profile pic on here.

Arizona, USA

Agnostic, Atheist, Humanist, Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker
Here for community

I was born and raised in California. My parents took my siblings and I to church for a short amount of time. We complained of boredom enough until we stopped going. Any time after that I attended a church, I went as a friend of another member. I have just never felt any void in myself that religion could fill. As I grew older, and learned more science and more about humanity, I realized that the odds of the existence of anything supernatural approaching 0. I now live near Tucson, Arizona with my wife and daughter. I am very happily married, but have no friends outside of my wife and other family. I miss having friends, but I don't know if I even have time for new people in my life. I would like to try, though I find it much more difficult to make friends now that I am older.

Who is the most overrated band in your opinion?

Off of the top of my head... Sublime. Also now that I think about it, Frank Zappa, Lou Reed, and Velvet Underground.
Jamaica ny 11434, USA

Atheist, Humanist, Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker
Open to meeting women

Wow!wow! woke up this morning to my 67th birthday. I wondered to know how did I get here -- 67 yrs. from my first birthday. Time flies. Looking back at my journey and the path I traversed, I thought, at many periods, it was an otherwise difficult life. The physical and mental scars remind me. But who will say that their life was easy. And on further thought, whilst it was then scary, risky, and unsure, the experiences were immense, and now, in 20/20 hindsight, am grateful for many of those trying and difficult times; I think it has moulded me and contributed greatly to make me the best person I am. 3 years ago, I quit my job and effectively ended my working life because I believe it's time. And nowadays, I try to enjoy myself the way life ought to be. I realize, if you don't then what's the point. I also pay more attention to ppl and causes as much as I can and I continue to educate myself because, if you stop learning you stop living. Many yrs. ago I gave up all belief in religion, faith and God. I am fully convinced it's all dogma and myth. I see the real natural world ( not one of superstition or the supernatural) that there is no evidence for a God, and religion has not met its burden of proof for its outrageous, outlandish, and extraordinary claims. So, beyond all of that, there is no need for a God and I,like hundreds of millions of ppl, try to live my life to be happy, productive and morally good without believing in a God or any religion. As an atheist, I have learned much of the one and only real world there is and the one and only life I have, and plan to live it to its fullest. I have found it is exciting and beautiful. Out of this , I have enjoyed my life more and hope to continue this journey because life is a great adventure.

Downtime hobbies

Relax with a great partner.
With The Ospreys, USA

Agnostic, Humanist, Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker
Open to meeting men

Just trying to figure it all out. I'm recently divorced and pretty much starting over. I'm looking to meet new friends and new people, but probably am not ready for a relationship - the pain of losing a 17 year relationship is going to take some time to heal. Maryland is not a huge state- if you are in the area and want to meet in a public place - let me know. It's good to just talk to people in person and overcome shyness. Also, I am a web designer and love dogs. I'm also pretty liberal. Just warning you- because after joining this site, I've learned that not all agnostics follow my political train of thought. I'm also childfree. It's hard to find in this day and age. Sometimes I feel like I should be in a freak show next to the bearded-lady and Siamese twins. I wish someone would me for that. People could come by and say,"What's up with you?" I'd just say,"Fertile and don't want kids." Then they would run away screaming. That could work.

Who is the most overrated band in your opinion?

Papa Roach
Minnesota, USA

Atheist, Humanist, Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker, Antitheist
Open to meeting women

I am a military brat so I have no problem moving to new places. I feel the best way to express one's self is through music. I love bands like ETHS, The Agonist, Apocalyptica, Iwrestledabearonce, Upon a Burning Body, Butcher Babies, The Project Hate, and basically any good metal group with a female vocalist. I also have some eclectic tastes in music I love fantasy novels, cats, the outdoors, and get very frustrated with political issues and stupidity coupled with greed. I don't care what my sign is. I am looking for love in my life but haven't found it so far. I am rather shy until you get to know me. I've been more open about this lately, but I am bipolar and life can be a struggle, but I know that I am worthwhile as a person. I've spent the last five years working in a hospital in Mankato as an aide with the er, icu, and radiology department primarily, and seen a lot of interesting things. Some good, a lot bad, but you'd have to work in the field to understand the interesting part. I'm interested in making new like-minded friends and maybe dating if the opportunity presents itself. Beyond that, you'll just have to read my posts or say hi.

I am a cat person all the way.

Fountain Hills, AZ (85268), USA

Agnostic, Secularist, Skeptic
Open to meeting women

HI! Traveling is my passion (have been to over 25 different countries). I like to laugh (unlike most people :) ), dance and take long walks on the beach. Watching paint dry would be fun with the right person. Your intelligence, quick wit and playfulness multiplies your attractiveness to me. We need to live/work relatively near each other so we can see each other regularly. You'll find that you can always count on me and know that I'll always have your back. Originally from Detroit, I'm a successful attorney and was a prosecutor for 20 years. On the side I combine my legal and real estate licenses as "Your Attorney Real Estate Agent." I donate time to ASU law school judging various competitions. I'm allergic to cats. I'm looking for six simple attributes in my companion (in no particular order) and to be read with a sense of humor (because if you don't have one you're already in the hole): 1. Brain in head 2. Considerate 3. Sense of humor 4. Sports tolerant (I'm not a fanatic but I like to follow my teams and there are only a handful of games I must watch each year) 5. A social conscience 6. Attractive (to me of course, on the thinner side) Wish list: If you can even name a comedian (living) you get extra points :) If you're interested, please reach out, even if you're shy. I'll take it from there :) By the way, if you're happy with the job being done by the current U.S. president , I've got some lake bottom property to sell you. p.s I'm really a large t-shirt but, if I ever make it to the 7th level, the t-shirt you get is all cotton so it will shrink :)

The Eagles have the best-selling album of all time, beating Michael Jackson.

Not to take anything away from the Eagles but it's tough to harmonize with yourself... :)
Hill Country, USA

Agnostic, Humanist, Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker
Open to meeting men

Survival of the determined! I survived childhood brainwashing, and realized that I had to find my own path while studying Aboriginal culture in Australia in 1994. Born on the east coast, raised in parochial schools in Denver, I entered state university in 1992, and there was no turning back. While I found redemption in academia, a recent round of health issues has me in a quandary: am I so confident that there is no god to comfort my quiet pain? Currently navigating life on life's terms, specifically, auto-immune condition and what my body is trying to tell me.

Who Has Daddy Issues? issues resulted in my marrying my ex-prof from my first master's degree....thirty years my senior! We're divorced now, still friendly.

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