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On Solitude, from the always thoughtful Maria Popova of TheMarginalian, formerly BrainPickings.

While I have siblings, they are older and I've always thought of myself as an only child. I have never been afflicted with feeling alone. I enjoy my own company, I like me. I am not married, and have no fear, never have, of growing old "alone." I am not some weird hermit, most people describe me as friendly, I have no fear of crowds, can give speech and so on. But I like being alone, and enjoy solitude.

This story resonated with me. I hope you like it.

A quote from the end of the article:

"Here lies the paradox of solitude. Look long and hard enough at yourself in isolation and suddenly you will see the rest of humanity staring back. Sustained aloneness brings you to a tipping point where the pendulum of life returns you to others."


Mitch07102 8 Oct 24
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I enjoy being alone but also like company in small doses.

Jolanta Level 9 Dec 31, 2021

One thing about being human is we each have our own ideas and comforts. I have a friend my age who has always been alone and that's how he likes it. Some have accused him of being gay but he vehemently denies this. So far he has gotten lucky and has all he needs to survive and thrive. I, on the other hand desire (as apposed to need) another. Most of my siblings (4) are still married to their first spouse, had the same job and lived mostly in the same place. I have been in several relationships which, ultimately failed. My last one was perfect in being totally supportive in every way but also giving each of us our alone time. Unfortunately, she died 5 1/2 years ago. Living on an island and the pandemic has made being solitary, challenging. At this point, ideally, would be solitary time and companion time.

JackPedigo Level 9 Oct 24, 2021

Great…now I’m lost in a miasma of interesting articles, instead of doing housework.

KateOahu Level 8 Oct 24, 2021

Me too....every Sunday.

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