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Namaste, dear AA, delighted to be a member of AA, from entirely a different world (Nepal). Will try to participate in up coming events as far as possible.

Helios 4 June 14
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Welcome aboard!

I am very curious to visit Kathmandu one day. Cat Stenvens' song... "Kathmandu, I will seen be seeing you..." Is one of my all time favorites.

I reccently came across this Nepali melody. I loved it. I tried to find English translation of the lyrics but could not find anywhere.

St-Sinner Level 9 June 14, 2020

Wow who might have you posted this sad song, am surprised that this song travelled across the world. This song is all about caste discrimination in Nepal. Still so called upper class people BRAHMINS & KHSETRIYA (Puritans) even do not drink water offered (touched) by other caste people particularly so called DALIT (untouchable, caste). The song is all about a young boy falling in love with a girl & she belongs to upper caste. The boy asks his darling girl not to come near (physically & emotionally), for he is from UNTOUCHABLE caste group of family. The boy fears of the society that he may be physically assaulted for being in love with upper caste girl. AND just 2 weeks ago in rural western Nepal a DALLIT (untouchable) boy was killed & thrown into Himalayan White river, along with his 5 friends, trying to elope a girl (puritan) who was in love with him...... We have 100 of thousands of such TRAGIC stories: BYPRODUCT OF RELIGEON and it is deeply rooted in the society.


Thank you. Can you please post or PM me English translation of the lyrics?

Translation (shadow and a bit of literal).
Boy on Mic-(actually he's not a real singer just a model). The real singer himself is a handsome DALIT (So called untouchable):
Here it goes: Oh yes, its not that, I don't love you. My love is deeply imprinted in my mind, But this cruel society where our love is worthless. How on earth one can block the sun with palm. So many orchestrated by caste.
Song: In this unfamiliar Temple, no one never lits candle.
Dont get closer to me, for I am an Untouchable (Dalit), no body drinks water that I offer.
I am living out casted how do I accept/admit you. What did fate write to me how do I, as outcasted, untouchable erase it.
I am dew drop, and not holy water of temple.
Dont get closer to me, for I am an untouchable, outcasted. (CHORUS)
Dialogue:Yesterday night in a renowned city, an untouchable (dalit) widow was blamed as a witch and was forced to eat shit (faece) by so called upper class puritans. We untouchable outcasted are like flies in fist that they live when fist open and die when closed.
Song: I always enjoy within me(myself)/my shadow.
I couldnt understand what has kept there in caste.
I am sun light of south, can't set in west.
Dont get closer to me, for I am untouchable..chorus
Please enjoy.


Thank you, I appreciate your help. The internet says the singer (and actor) of the song is the same called Yash Kumar. He seems to be the same guy.


Interesting! Love hearing from people from all over.

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