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Ancient Evenings Fun!

MoonTigerII 7 Dec 21
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Ah, Anubis and Sekhmet having a little 'Afternoon Delight' hey!

Triphid Level 8 Dec 21, 2019

Isn't Hathor a cow goddess? Yeah... her animal aspect is a cow representative of fertility and fecundity.

@MoonTigerII Sorry my mistake, grey cells still a bit foggy from sleep atm, Sekhmet was the Lioness-Headed one, Hathor was indeed the one the depicted with the head of a cow.
Anubis, depicted as being a jackal-headed man was the Elemental Guardian of the Dead, Judge of the Truthfulness/Righteousness of the Soul and Guide of the Embalmers.


Very nice! (But my second thought was...doesn’t a tigress usually have more than two teats?)

Clearly both characters are strongly anthropogenic, since we and bonobos are usualy engaged in Missionary position sex... Leopardess, I think... she has spots.

@MoonTigerII Lioness. The godess of the Nile.

@Fernapple Sekhmet, Elemental (NOT Goddess as deemed by the Catholic Church btw) Giver of Dancing, Protector of Young Girls and Unwed Women, Consort of Ra, also known as the Eye of Ra, Nemesis of the Unlawful and sworn enemy of Set/Sutek/Seth the Bringer of Famine, War and Diseases. Always depicted as being a Lioness, a Lioness-head Woman or a very Beautiful and alluring woman.
The Elemental Giver of the waters of the Nile was Nepthys, sister of Isis beloved, (since the Ancient Egyptians used the hieroglyph meaning beloved to mean both brother, sister, wife, daughter, son, etc, simply because they had no word/hieroglyph for each of separate words as we do) wife of Osiris.
The Ancient Egyptians ALWAYS had only Elemental Givers/Guardians and NOT Gods/Goddesses, that was an attempt by Catholicism to defame the Egyptians, their 'beliefs' and understandings of the natural world around them.
You were pretty close to the mark though, congratulations.
Sorry, Fernapple, slight brain fog there, have edited and replaced 'Hathor' with the correct name now.

@Fernapple. Looked her up. Sekhmet, whose breath formed the desert.

@Fernapple, @Triphid She is Sekhmet, whose breath formed the desert. Hathor is a COW goddess, Mama of the Hebrews' Golden Calf.

@MoonTigerII Yep, I corrected, edited, amended and offered my apology for the 'brain fog.'
Sekhmet did indeed form the Desert in which Set/Sutek/Seth was to banished after he dismembered his brother, Osiris, she did so at the request of Amun ( Khnum).
Which, like the Hebrew Gold Calf, is where the Christian go their tale of Cain Abel from more than likely plus their idea that Satan/Devil has horns ( the erect ears of the Mule depicted on Set), the red skin, since Set ( depicted as being a Mule-Headed man with a deep reddish colored hide) and the numerous other mule like 'attributes' accredited to Satan and Set/Sutek/Seth as well.
Though the Christians seemed to have 'conveniently forgotten' that the Rule of Ma'at ( the Law of Universal Harmony) was paramount in Ancient Egypt and NO-ONE could have, own nor be enslaved to another hence there were NO slave used in building either the Pyramids, Temples, etc, they WERE all well cared for, well -respected and well paid Workers.
The ONLY circumstance where a person could 'bonded' into a kind of servitude under Ma'at was to pay off a debt owed and the term/length of the servitude was determined by the amount owed and could ONLY last until the Judges deemed the debt to be paid in full.


Um , WOW !

Cast1es Level 8 Dec 21, 2019