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If you'd like to share favorite books - fiction or non-fiction - and their appeal, whether or not you're one of society's under-appreciated two percent who can boast recessive allele on chromosome 16 and the resultant different take on the MC1R protein 🙂

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Mostly I read history, biography and Sci Fi.

Longest book this year: Rasputin: Faith Power and the Twilight of the Romanovs 848 pages

Longest books I’ve read
Final Solution: The Fate of the Jews 1933-1949 1056

Heinrich Himmler 1041

Goebbels: A Biography 964

Peter the Great: His Life and World 909

Wilson 818

Most books in a year 58

Saddest book: Pretty Little Killers

Some of the Most interesting for various reasons: “In order to Live”, “ The Hunting of the Presidents”, “The Devil in the White City”, “Rescue at Los Banos”

Hereticinme 4 May 28
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I was very bad at history in school. I couldn't see it as real. I went for historical fiction and I read War and Peace and loved it. Lately I'm either reading or watching Checkov plays. I almost feel sorry for the Russian aristocrats in the plays. I want to read The Gulag Archipeligo some time soon.

brentan Level 8 May 29, 2018

A lot of people don't like history. I can see how it could be boring reading about dead people. lol. I have a hard time getting into non fiction. I read it much more when I was a kid, but not too much anymore.

@RussellSteve I think it's something to do with feeling. History in school, with its hundreds of dates and names, didn't register as real to me. I have always suspected that I am somewhat autistic and that would explain the problem. But nowadays we have films and YouTube videos, as well as historical fiction, to ram the idea home that these are real people with real feelings. So learning how people coped and adjusted to new realities helped me greatly to 'put skin on the bones of history' as Gary Jennings said about his book Aztec.