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Hello Canadian friends!
As a Dutchie I had a question because i don't get allot of news about Canada and your president.
How are thing going in Canada with the quarantine, and how is Trudeau doing?

JonkoJerry 3 Apr 16
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For starters, we have PRIME MINISTERS, not presidents. And things are going okay. I think we have reached the peak or will reach the peak and our state of emergency in various provinces has been extended until May 14. Trudeau is finally out of his voluntary home isolation--- his wife contracted covid-19 and he stayed home for a few weeks just in case.


I beleive the quarantine is going much better here in Canada than the US,we were a bit slow starting but catching up fast and hopefully doing the right things,personally i think the whole population should be using masks when out,, On a funny note when if first started reading your post and said Dutchie,I immediately thought of a particular type of pastry Donut Tim Hortons sells a large coffee chain here ,Where i live we have a very large dutch population,very nice hard working people,they had donated and helped the communities alot with there generosity and have lot of dutch friends,Thanks for taking the time to ask,,What about Holland?

RoyMillar Level 9 Apr 16, 2020

Yeah us Dutchies love Canada haha
Glad to hear all the positive comments!

Here we are going steady, the infection rate is slowing down and soon (hopefully) we will have enough resources (like medical masks and hospital beds) for in the hospitals. And it would be nice to get enough tests soon.


Hi.. thanks for your interest. For my part.. I feel things are going as well as can be expected. I mean.. we are Canadians.. we are the polite We are good at attempting to "get along" with each other.

I am incredibly impressed with the response of our Prime Minister Trudeau and the government in general. I can only imagine what a horror show we would be in if this had happened during the previous administration led by the Conservative's flaming sociopath Harper.

At times like this it's important to have a leader who actually "likes" people. And we have one !! Timing is everything. 🙂

Davekp Level 8 Apr 16, 2020

Agreed and becaause what is happenning in the states we need to keep the boarder closed for a very long time for un essential travel

Haha, nice to hear! So no big frustrations between Canadians during quarantine?
I myself am not such a big fan of Trudeau but it is nice to know he is doing a good job caring for you people.


We are doing our best to flatten the curve of infection rates so that our hospital system can keep up with the more severe cases as they present themselves. I've never voted for our Prime Minister Trudeau, or any other Liberal for that matter but I have to say that he is doing a pretty decent job of things. He is a minority leader and has to contend with the Canadian version of President Trump - Doug Ford as well as the Trump himself who really wants to be the King of the USA, a very tricky road to travel for our Prime Minister.
Until there is a vaccine in place that does a good job the best we can do is social distance because ultimately everyone of us will catch this virus, how severe the effects will be on each person will vary, so it is much like playing a game of Roulette. We all have to spin the wheel and hope for the best.
We have a lot of Dutch Canadians and they are hardy people, hope you come out of this crisis in good shape.

Surfpirate Level 9 Apr 16, 2020

@ToolGuy The PC's always crack me up because even when they are out of power and they usually are, they act as though they are in power and with a majority at that. Scheer bringing his whole family on a small government jet at taxpayer expense, crushed the social distancing protocols that we are all supposed to maintain. There were a Liberal Cabinet Minister and the Leader of another federal party on that jet but he dragged his wife and kids onto the plane and filled it to capacity, what an asshole and what a message to send to the Canadian public.
Nice that he took the opportunity to point the finger at Trudeau for traveling 30 kms to the official summer residence so he could spend a day with his own family, but it meant crossing the Ottawa River into Quebec so shame on the Prime Minister who has recently come out of quarantine. Scheer and his PC's are great at taking pages out of Trump and the Republicans playbook, blame the other guy when you get caught screwing up.

Thanks for the kind words, I hope you Canadians will come out of this soon as well.
Doug Ford or mister Scheer do not say much to me sadly...
From what I knew about Trudeau I do not like him that much, with him being a drama teacher and all haha.
But it's good to hear he is doing a good job during these times.


For the most part people are complying and the federal and provincial governments are doing a great job in very trying times.

Most of us are watching the circus south of the border and wondering how it all went go so wrong so fast. We wish them well and hope they come back to their senses soon,

and how are things where you are?

Here people are also following the instructions from the government, with its exemptions of course. Young and old rebels still go outside haha.
But the death curve (3.315 people lost) is not too bad yet and we are slowly flattening it, of course 1 death is 1 too many but compared to Italy and Spain its pretty low.

What is happening down south? I just know Trump has no knowledge about viruses and that he isnt well oved nowadays....

@JonkoJerry Seems as if the US is doing things in their typical way. Man are following the guidelines laid down by science and decades of research. Other are wrapping themselves in the flag and/or bathing in the blood of jesus for protection . .

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