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Quebec elections: I'm in!!!
On October 3rd, Quebecers will elect the members of their provincial legislative assembly. I am a candidate in the Saint-Jean riding for the "Climat Quebec" party, a Quebec-separatist variation of the Green Party. It's a brand new party founded just a few months ago and our leader is Martine Ouellet, formerly from the Parti Québécois and the Bloc Québécois.
There will be seven candidates in my riding. My chances of winning are pretty much zero. The guy from Legault's CAQ is widely favorite to win a second term.
This is an opportunity for me to fight the climate crisis on the political scene.

QuidamOutrepont 8 Sep 17
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just for your own benefit you should google Patrick Moore ( co-founder of Greenpeace & PHD in Science & Forestry) & see what his latest thoughts are on climate change.
on second thought maybe you should ignore him since you must be a true believer in order to be a credible candidate.

Patrick Moore on Google? I found this.

@QuidamOutrepont , personally, i don't believe everything that govts or their paid acolytes say.
what got me wondering about the dire global warming predictions was the prediction by UN scientists in 1989 that global warming would cause ocean levels to rise & result in coastal flooding of cities.
i've lived beside the pacific ocean for 47 yrs & have not noticed any rise in the ocean level whatsoever.
and then there was the warning about the great barrier reef dying & recently it has been reported to have totally recovered & be as healthy as ever.
also, the polar bears were going to go extinct but now there are more of them than 10 yrs ago.


I personally don't get the whole "lets separate" thing but I understand why it holds value you for you. Good luck with your run for election.👍

Davekp Level 8 Sep 17, 2022

@Wangobango3 As I said.. I understand why it holds value. I grew up on the Quebec border in northern New Brunswick. Quebec is indeed a distinct society.


Is this group more separatist then the last Quebec separatist group. Personally I perfer no boarders everywhere.


Good luck.

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