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My youngest lad took off for Canada 6 wks ago on a two year visa. We live in Brisbane Aust a subtropical climate, and David had never even seen snow. As a keen surfer, he wanted to try snowboarding. Spoke for an hour today and he is just loving it. 'flourishing' I would say. He's loving the people, both locals and internationals. I'm so glad he chose to go to the smaller, lesser known Revelstoke instead of Banf or Whistler. He was told that Banf was full of Aussies and that he didn't want to travel across the world to see people that were the same as at home.

My dad (89) gave him some advice before he left.... "stay away from USA. You'll get abducted cos people always disappear there or get shot". !!! We had to laugh but I will just whisper that I too prefer he went to Canada. I know you'll all take good care of him.

MsDemeanour 8 Dec 16
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There are definitely worse places to experience life for a couple of years. 😁

Davekp Level 8 Dec 16, 2022

I've been to Banff 3 times, and can confirm it has A LOT of Australians there. Banff is beautiful, loved it and would 100% go back. Been snowboarding for 30 years, Revelstoke is definitely on my list too.

One of my fav childhood movies growing up was an Australian flick called "Puberty Blues" was definitely ahead of time as a coming of age movie.

MacStriker Level 7 Dec 16, 2022

oh god you must be as old as me. I remember that movie.


Banff is spelled with two eff’s, exemplified by an episode of one of my favourite old-time screwball comedies, F-Troop…..The Burglar of Banff. Repeatedly pronounced in the show as Banfuhfuh. Classic.

Apologies for the mispell. That episode woulda gone straight over my head as I wouldn't have heard of Banff back then. But it's an interesting piece of trivia.


My favourite Province, because I love the mountains. He should try and head north to Yukon it would be well worth the trip. Also head east as Bookofmorons mentioned.

MsHoliday Level 8 Dec 16, 2022

He'll have a great time in BC but he should also travel to the eastern part of the country ( the real east as in NB PEI NS & Nfld - not Toronto LMAO) . Different experience and great sea surfing in many areas too

yes someone told him about the surf and he is keen to explore different places. I am living vicariously thro him.


Revelstoke is getting close to my neck of the woods. Williams Lake is northwest of Revelstoke......several hours drive, but BC is huge.

Should we maybe suggest a side trip to Bountiful?

@NostraDumbass Uh no.....I'll pass on that one.....the news about it was already more than I could take.

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