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Feds unveil plan to tackle fake news, interference in 2019 election

The federal government is unveiling a "sweeping series" of new measures aimed at further shoring up Canada's electoral system from foreign interference, and enhancing Canada's readiness to defend the democratic process from cyber threats and disinformation.

This includes spelling out how Canadians will be informed about serious meddling attempts during the campaign. In order to meet the threshold for the five-person group of senior bureaucrats to go public about these attempts, they must be considered "disruptive" and seen to have an impact on Canada's ability to hold a free and fair election.

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I don't know how successful this will be, but at least our government is making a serious attempt.

John_Tyrrell 7 Jan 30
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I guess that means the Conservatives won't be allowed to say anything next election.

Simmer51 Level 6 Jan 30, 2019

Serious change for the future starts with education, awareness and discussions today.

Davekp Level 8 Jan 30, 2019

I had a group of Americans who own property on the island I live on get involved behind the scenes in our recent municipal elections. Among other things they floated a rumour that I was able to retire at an early age because I was a drug dealer in the past, a total lie but they got away with it and I lost by 9 votes. The authorities were not interested unless perhaps I could give them an airtight case that came gift wrapped with a bow on top. A direct breach of the Canada Elections Act and nobody gave a damn, including my federal MP.

Surfpirate Level 9 Jan 30, 2019

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