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I swear I follow and discuss American politics online waaay more than Canadian. This group will be good for me get me more informed about our Canadian political affairs. I must say, I am disappointed in liberals both at the provincial and federal levels and would have to go for NDP or Greens. NEVER the darn cons. :/

demifeministgal 8 Mar 22
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Canadians follow American politics because when the elephant to the south sneezes we Canadian mice catch a cold. Canadians are much more aware of American politics because of the effect it has on our daily lives but Americans tend to be blissfully ignorant of Canada and most other nations in the world, often they are ignorant of things going on outside of their own state.

Surfpirate Level 9 Mar 22, 2019

Not to mention, US-centrism is a helluva thing. And too many Muricans do not have passports nor have they ever left their own country their entire lives. They live in their tiny bubbles!

@demifeministgal To be honest there are lots of Americans that do travel and resist the America First programming that is everywhere in the US but to be completely honest there are even more Amuricans that don't travel, don't own a passport and I think that's a good thing. 😉

@Surfpirate Well I was thinking about the research I read a number of times recently that showed more Americans than not do not have passports. They out number the travellers. And with their health costs soo damn expensive leading to debt sentences and their min wage being pathetically low and limited maternity leave, it makes sense why.


I’ve voted Liberal my whole adult life. The conservatives can piss off. Their rule over Manitoba in the 90’s is the reason why myself and so many others had to look elsewhere for work.

Green_eyes Level 8 Mar 22, 2019

@ToolGuy I didn’t lose a job, I worked for the province while I was in university. Upon graduating the options for RN’s were extremely limited, forcing a move to America.
I get that you’re on the NDP train and that’s your right completely. I voted for them on a local level occasionally. I did vote NDP when Doer became premier.
I can only vote in federal elections, expats cannot vote in municipal elections.


splitting votes can help to elect the cons . . . just a point not an endorsement

I voted liberal in my provincial elections and it didn't do shitall to keep the canadian trump from power here. At least if I had voted NDP I would have been satisfied I voted for the party I wanted to. Strategic voting doesn't always work, it seems. -_-

@demifeministgal agreed but working against the larger issue has costs too . . those who voted green instead of HIillary contributed to the environmental disaster that is #individual1


The Liberals have always been a poor choice for me they are just conservatives pretending to be liberals.

Anyone who thinks there is no difference between Liberals and Conservatives has never heard of Steven Harper.

@Arouet Trudeau? The guy who bought a pipeline?!

@ToolGuy Two sides of the same coin.

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