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OK So who is hiding at home from Covid19? I was going to go shopping but I hear the stores are crazy with people..yukkk! people. THEY might be sick and not know it..

LisaBostlund 4 Mar 13
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We were out most of the day, taking care of some errands and picking up a few supplies. We drove past Costco this morning as it was opening and there were lines going down either side of the building 100 people long, all standing in the rain, holding onto their carts, waiting for the doors to open. We popped into Costco after doing the rest of our errands and the volume was pretty normal so we grabbed a few things we needed and headed for home. I think we will be staying home for the next few days at least and we will be canceling a party we had planned for a bunch of friends.

Surfpirate Level 9 Mar 13, 2020

I'm not. That would be like a prison sentence or torture for me. And yea grocery stores are full of damn people and shelves are getting pretty empty here.


was at metro grocery just before super ,normal crowd,toilet paper all gone but napkins left ,You cn cut those rolls in half for toilet paper lol ,at coffee shop a couple of times and went to show tonight small crowd ,was easy to keep your distance

RoyMillar Level 9 Mar 13, 2020

Well you can also use Kleenex.. I am meeting friends at Tim's tomorrow, I wonder how it's gonna be..


no. Out for Friday after work drinks with friends. Must say crowd was lighter than normal but its also rather poor weather and start of March Break. Good o be cautious BUT life goes on too

Well at least we HOPE life goes on...... lol


Our plant is still humming along.. but not for much longer methinks.. The Windsor mini van plant shuttered for 2 weeks earlier today. 😁

Davekp Level 8 Mar 13, 2020

So is that a good thing for you? Did the feds not just promiss monitary help for everyone?

@LisaBostlund Good for me? Not sure how to answer that.Yes and no. Work is good to have, So is paid time off..for whatever the reason.

@Davekp Well maybe you'll have time to finishe your Ecuador film.. THEN you sould have a big film showing and invite the worldtocome see it..

@LisaBostlund my thoughts exactly.. but I don’t know about finishing.. getting a good stretch of time to start would be nice. 🤪

@Davekp WellI look forward to seeing it...... have a showing party.

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