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Only 12 cases with only 3 confirmed here in Nova Scotia as of Mar. 18th, bur when I went to Canadian Tire and Walmart today I did wear a good N95 mask just to give people the idea that we should take this pandemic seriously. I am do glad so much has been closed down even though people will miss their sports games and entertainment places. We do not want to end up like Italy and let it get out of control by waiting too long to take extreme measures. Nice to see the government is seeing the loss of income as things shut down has to be addressed, and things like interest and mortgage payments may be delayed they say. More details on the way. I suspect the big challenge will be harnessing the active late teens and 20's people who know their risk is lower and they will get very bored being confined at home. Since many people can be carriers of COVID19 spreading it for many days before they get any symptoms themselves, they will get over confident and reckless and not realize how many lives they may be endangering. I'm fine grandma, let's hug! oh oh

WalterWhite 7 Mar 18
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Found a bag of new masks in my garage,,just the regular ones,,would like to get an N95 ones if i can find where to order them, as most suppliers will be out of stock now,,but wil try anyways

RoyMillar Level 9 Mar 18, 2020

Same here. I bought mine the first week in February. But I only bought two. it never occurred to me that I would have to use multiple masks. But I'm actually pretty glad now that I didn't over buy because my daughter tells me they need all the masks they can get in the hospitals and clinics. Since I'm sheltering in place and happy to do so, I'll most likely donate mine to a hospital.

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