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I know what happens. Just kidding; no one does.

Snickers77 8 Oct 26
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No I sure don't ???

Sheannutt Level 9 Oct 26, 2018

A few decades back, on my birthday, had just recently moved into town so I knew no one, I sat at a bar & started doing Cuervo 1800 shots w/ Cuervo Gold margarita chasers. Started out two shots for every margarita. After two margaritas it went to one shot per margarita. I 'remember' four margaritas (plus the six shots). I do not know how I drove home. I do not know why the bartender let me drive home. I do know I was at the bar for at least another two hours because I found out the next evening, but the 'other' bartender on that night doesn't remember how much more I drank (the one that served me wasn't on the next night). The only black-out I ever had & it scared the shit out of me!

phxbillcee Level 9 Oct 26, 2018

The one I had was sort of funny. I walked home, I remember that but after I got in the Apt. (in San Francisco) nothing. But! When I woke up, my face was clean and I could tell I had brushed my teeth! lol!




They tell me I have a good time.

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