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I joined this group because I'm a liberal who can't stand sjws. They tend to be the pushers of identity politics and political correctness. How many of you have similar sentiments?

By MrControversy7
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SJW here! I'm a walking Trump supporter's nightmare, lol. Queer, atheist, Jewish, SJW, Democratic-Socialist progressive, my hair is buzzed....why I risk getting bashed every time I protest! (I'm exaggerating about getting bashed-most counter-protesters here don't do more than shout, keyn ahora). But seriously, I do make a habit of engaging with those who don't think like me. I'm not the enemy; I'm just a fellow citizen with a different point of view. In these fractured and fractious times we NEED to talk to each other MORE, not less! So...if you ever want to have a chat with a SJW about anything, please feel free to PM me! I do respond!

BookDeath Level 8 Mar 27, 2018

good for you


I love you!!!

I doubt any Trump supporter will see u as a nightmare, they might see you as alot of things but nightmare isnt one of them. They won POTUS cause of the SJW style of people in our society.

@jorj I had a person tell me once that I WAS his nightmare-he said he saw the U.S. filled with citizens like me (potentially) and it filled him with horror. He thought I should be deported!

@BookDeath lol, well he is pretty limited in his ideas then. There are some ridiculous people out there for sure.

Truth is though I didn't even vote for Trump. Not either of them. I'm willing to engage you in polite discourse if you'd like since you seem open to it. The definition of SJW that I understand is very different from yours. I've come to understand SJW as being someone that misrepresents real social justice and has a tendency to support political correctness and identity politics. What is your take? Because I'm going off the information I'm provided. And I feel we might have different definitions of SJW.


I had to google sjw.
I wouldn't have the right to vote without them.
The end.

gloriadeb Level 6 Mar 27, 2018

Best answer. smile001.gif Around 94% of men in the USA (and all men who aren't Christian and aristocracy in the UK) should remember that if it hadn't been for SJWs they wouldn't have the vote, either.

i think you are confusing the SJW of today with actually being a feminist that seeks equality of the sexes. there is a reason that even 75-80% of women don't agree with the modern feminist movement.

I too had to google it

@Jnei Great point

@jorj Tell me what you think that reason is and where you got that stat. 75-80%??

@gloriadeb This is Huffington Post and they are left leaning as it gets. The way the feminist narrative is presented and the way many of the issues are just not important compared to real women's issues around the world, make many women just not identify with the movement.


@jorj 2013 article. 5 years.
I'm a real woman. Let me repeat. I am a woman. You are not.
When you speak of women around the world, well, women around the world are busy trying to stay alive and keep their family alive, and, yes, they don't have time to decide if they want to be labeled.
They're busy trying to avoid FGM. Or being jailed for being a SJW, as you point out - a SJW of today (what does that even mean?)
There's still time to change. Maybe someday you will also be a feminist. smile009.gif

@gloriadeb And as those 5 years have past there have just been more and more quit supporting the movement. I wish the feminist luck and I'll fight for any injustice toward women that is valid and keep on calling BS on the stuff that isn't. I know if 75% of women wouldn't identify as a feminist I would take a step back out of my bias and really scrutinize my own beliefs if I still were a feminist. The same way people have to be deprogrammed from religion is what I compare it to. Feminism of the past was greatly needed but this 3rd wave style of feminism is only serving to hurt women in the long run. Good luck tho, wish you the best with our battles.

@jorj Pretty sure your huff post article says approximately 80% of the people surveyed have no idea what the word feminism means. And I am 100% sure you don't either.

@DoctoralZombie keep telling yourself lies if it helps u sleep at night. Feminism is a hate group just the same as feminist label men's rights groups as hate groups. Good luck with it tho, u will def need it.

@jorj Stay in Kentucky. You will probably be safest from the women you fear so much there.

@jorj Just an FYI, if the Southern Poverty Law Center calls some of them hate groups, I will defer to their expertise on the subject.

@DoctoralZombie ofcourse I fear u strong women out there. Still using the 1930 dismissive talking points I see. No one fears anything about feminists and the fact u all can't see that is one of the many problems with the movement. In fact, u are just a small minority (less than 20% support) that just keeps bleeding support because of the stupidity that main steam feminism has become. Make sure u throw my white male privilege talking point in the next response, all the while ignoring all the privilege Western women have over EVERY person in the word, including us mean boys...lmao. U feminist will never self reflect and admit to your selves that u damage your own agenda more than u help it. Maybe another pussy hat rally will make u popular again....lmao

@DoctoralZombie and btw, real STRENGTH doesn't have to always reassure itself of how strong it is. If u have to keep preaching it then u are just swelling up your own egos because u don't have enough support to exert said strength. Which I guess is obvious seeing that u can't even get a majority of women to identify as one of your group.

@jorj You keep going back to the 80/20 thing in your Huffington post article. Did you actually read it?


@jorj I find it utterly laughable that you feel 80% of the people in this country think we are better off denying equality to 50.8% of the population.

@DoctoralZombie yes I read it and just because a well known left leaning media group explains the lack of support as being people not knowing what feminism is means nothing. People know exactly what feminism used to be and what it has become. That is why people left the group. Like I said before, ignore the facts all u want to live in a comfortable lie. Funny like the dictionary for feminism but when it comes to racism u choose the new age "systemic power" definition. I don't care what the dictionary says something mean, the actual practice of the people wearing the identity is what it is and they don't seek equality of anything. They seek female privilege in today's world. Legislation already exists to prosecute the pay gap but funny how no real world examples are ever shown. Just examples from a dishonest talking point that overlooks the WORK part of the equal pay for equal work and that is just one of the issues feminists talk about that deserves any real research to be honest. Most are just emotional BS garbage.

@DoctoralZombie I could use a right wing bias source that says it is because feminists are wicked but u would claim the numbers are lies because it is a right wing source then. Left wing source and numbers are all u need to know to understand their opinion explanation.

@DoctoralZombie I say this stuff as a leftie who understands why Trump won, but instead of self reflection and making change, people are brainwashed with RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA every day. The SJW and identity politics is the reason Trump won, the left wing pushes white people away in droves with the white privilege junk and pushes men away with the male privilege junk. Like I say, if the democrats think they can win with just a small group of people then good luck. I'll be here laughing again as Trump or someone worse is elected in 2020. One day the lefties will wake up, sad that it will take mass suffering for all to get them there tho.

@jorj It is pretty obvious you are drinking the male supremacy Kool Aid. These are hate groups that feed off male fear. If you read this and agree with the hate rhetoric then you have no place on this site. If you disagree, then take some time to figure out how you have been manipulated, and how you can change.

@jorj Oh. So actual definitions of words don't matter?

@DoctoralZombie u giving me opinion pieces is wasting your time. I don't need some persons opinion to inform me about anything. FACTS are what matters and opinions are a dime a dozen. I'm not a male supremacist but thanks for automatically assuming I'm one. Common style of discussion now days actually. Assume things about people so u can get to something else that isn't part of the discussion to begin with.

@DoctoralZombie it's pretty obvious u have zero logical or rational responses to the facts laid out before u so u want to switch the conversation to me being a male supremacist because u have no itellectual leg to stand on now.

@jorj So, systemic (institutional) racism is quite real. Do you need those definitions as well? I will happily find them for you...

@DoctoralZombie prove feminism is for equality then, show me the feminist groups fighting for more male domestic abuse centers. Women have them everywhere, men have less than 20 in the nation. Show me an article with feminist addressing male suicide rates instead of just arguing the "women attempt it more" dismissive rhetoric. Show me any feminist tryin to get equality for men on any issue. Prove the dictionary definition to be correct. I honestly hope u can, I have looked and found nothing myself.

@jorj Actually, you were the one that said the men's rights groups weren't hate groups, not me. So, that is your talking point not mine.

@jorj But you have not actually provided me with any facts... that's the problem.

@jorj Feminist groups strive to bring women to the same level of social, political, and economic power and opportunity as men. Shelters for male abuse victims are a great idea. So are more no kill animal shelters. What do either of those things have to do with creating equal opportunity for women?

@DoctoralZombie equal opportunity for women, u said it.....men are not a part of it and it is not about EQUALITY but instead about FEMALE PRIVILEGES. That is a FACT as to why even women walked away from the movement. They love the men in their lives and see feminism is nothing but man bashing and female superiority. Feminists never admit to any of the privilege they have but have the nerve to tell other people to check their privilege. All this stuff is obvious but people are still asking how Trump could ever win....lmao. Echo chambers with no self refelction has the SJW bunch losing their minds because they could never be wrong about anything and if someone don't agree then we all know that person is a sexist or racist or as u pushed on me, male supremacist. I'll keep waiting for when u can show the definition u want people to use to be true. Amazing how lefties redefine everything they need to as needed so that they can always be right, even when the facts and reality show otherwise.

@DoctoralZombie and saying men's rights groups are labeled as hate groups doesn't mean I am a MRA. Why do u got to add things to what I say and assume stuff so much? It's not a talking point to tell the fact of MRA groups that even u agreed are labeled hate groups.

@jorj Ummm, yes. Equal opportunity for women because gender equality does not exist in our current social, political, and economic systems. It's pathetic, really, that you view equality as a loss for men rather than a gain for society as a whole.

@DoctoralZombie it's pathetic that u don't know facts about reality. Women have every opportunity if not more than men. Name just one thing men have that women don't. I will name one that women have that men don't. If u don't want a child u can abort, men can't walk away from being a parent at all. The court forces us to be at the woman's Beck and call for it. Abortion is just female privilege in a nut shell. Men should be able to say not to any child he don't want and not be held financially responsible for a child a woman keeps that he don't want. I mean, women don't need men for anything, right? Why we got to be a parent when we don't want to be but u can abort and get out it. We both have the same equality to bring condoms or say no to sex but women aren't expected to say no to unsafe sex, just men are told that.

@jorj Is that what this is about? You have child support you don't like paying? Cry me a river.

@jorj And feminists are fighting very hard to keep reproductive rights these days. If we loose them, the situation you hate so much will get much worse. Just sayin'

@jorj Oh, and by the way, the courts don't want the baby growing up in poverty, so that's why you have to pay child support. If you don't want to be a parent, use birth control and only sleep with people who don't want to be parents either.

@DoctoralZombie no, I'm responsible and don't have kids. Nice try to deflect, it's all u feminist can do. U can't talk about the issue. Assumptions are all u offer.

@DoctoralZombie if u don't want a child use birth control and don't sleep with people without protection and we can make abortion illegal and have equality on the issue. Or is that all u "strong" women don't even have the power to say no to unsafe sex?

@DoctoralZombie and it's reproductive privilege u are fighting to keep. U allready have the privileges in that area and now it feels like u are being oppressed because men want equality is all.

@jorj I don't want abortion to be illegal. Options should remain available to women who do not wish to give birth. It is my personal opinion that women should be able to have a robust sex life without keeping up with a spouse or an infant if they find those tasks onerous.

@jorj What reproductive privledge is it that women have?

@DoctoralZombie u just said it. If u don't want to be stuck with a kid u can just kill it. Men can't get out of it for any reason, they are held responsible for your choice to keep it, even if u had swore u would abort if u did get pregnant, therefore proving privilege. Men are held responsible for their actions while women are always bailed out. Women have all the rights as men plus extra reproductive rights as proven by legal abortion, and u feminist still claim patriarchy. It don't take rocket science to figure that one out....lmao. This is why even women who have good men in their lives laugh at the movement.

@DoctoralZombie funny u think it is ok for men to be forced to put up with women because of a child he don't want but u think women should have the right to not put up with a man if they don't want too. This is the hypocrisy of the whole group.

@jorj You have the privilege to control where your spirit flows, so to speak.

@jorj Child support is for the child. Once the baby is here, like it or not it's both parent's responsibility to take care of it. You sure are presenting men as irresponsible little whiners about how babies are made and cared for.

@DoctoralZombie call me a whiner all u want, we both know that is your way to dodge the facts of your hypocrisy. Thing is im not the guy u imagine just so u can use another childish angle that feminist have used so much the are useless anymore. Your 30 year old tactics don't work on people anymore and your game is on it's last legs. The whole SJW group is kicking and screaming as they see that they have failed so bad they lost support all across the nation. Even the Rust Belt said enough is enough so no we are stuck with Trump. Since u are so proud of being able to kill a child u don't want and your whole movement says u don't need men then why are u not tryin to end child support? How dare u go against your own talking points of how u can do anything men can do and better and certainly don't need us for anything. Put up or shut up. I actually believe in family values and I have been safe so that I don't have a child. Men are raised to be accountable for their actions, it is u and your group that expect to just take all the pros of being equal citizens but heaven forbid u have to be accountablefor your actions. Another perfect example of your hypocrisy is that it is rape if men sleep with drunk women but if a woman sleeps with a drunk man he should have known better than to get drunk and on top of that she was doin him a favor. Even the metoo leader is a sex offender that paid off a minor that she forced herself on but we are supposed to wait and not believe the victim in this case for some odd reason. Wonder why? This is the product of irrational man hate that transfers all to well to the delusional Trump syndrome going thru the left wing now. U will wake up one day or get used to republican rule. Your style of politics lost to Trump. U have no room to think u know what's best or right any longer.

@DoctoralZombie I also love how when I give constructive critiscism about why u feminist are so unpopular , u all instantly go to the typical emasculating talking points and refuse to ever look in the mirror. It amazes me how a group can be s oblivious to there own faults. It's Ike u all just sit in your echo chamber just stroking each other's egos as the world moves on without u.

@jorj Blah blah .... hate women....blah blah blah white men are oppressed...blah blah blah????

@jorj why won't women listen to me? Why don't they respect my maleness ???

@DoctoralZombie and there is why your feminist hero Hillary lost to a fool like Trump. The arrogance u all have is second to no one, even Trump's narcissism can't compete with you. U fail to understand, I don't hate women, I hate the feminist movement, just like 80% of other Americans. Women are amazing but uand group aren't women. U are self entitled children that don't understand logic or reality. I have give example after example of why u fail as a movement and all u can do is act like child and insult me. Good luck with your slut shaming and fat shaming issuez, the adults will focus on real issues that help people all across America.

I didn't say white men are oppressed like!e u are trying to dishonestly say here either. I said ALL people have privileges and oppressions. U conviently leave out anything that u arent programmed to respond to because u can't think for yourself. U don't have anyone coming to your rescue here so u just keep getting more stupid as the conversation goes. 7 to 8 out of 10 women are on my side as proven by study after study.

@DoctoralZombie the actual truth is most women won't listen to u so u project that on to me so u don't have to face the failure that your group has become. The only ones listening to u are the lesbians and man haters, which come to about 20% of women.

@DoctoralZombie I guess after u have been the town whore your whole life the men won't show u attention any more so I can understand your bitterness. Maybe move to a new town and clean up your reputation and u might actually find happiness like the non feminist women do.


I view the rise of SJWs as extremely positive - they promote anti-racism, cultural inclusivity, feminism, gay rights, trans rights, environmental good sense and liberal ethics, and they stand up and argue their case. Bring it on; I hope they'll succeed in making the world a better place.

I don't have an issue with political correctness, either - it simply means to avoid insulting or marginalising other groups, which sounds like a pretty good idea to me.

As for denying people with opposing views a platfrom, for example preventing speakers giving talks on college campuses, it all depends on the speaker. If they support freedom of speech, let them speak. If they're fascist, they don't support freedom of speech and most certainly would not allow opposing points of view to be made in public if they had any power, so they forego their right to it.

Jnei Level 8 Mar 27, 2018

I've been called a snowflake and my reply is "when we get pissed and hang together those are called blizzards and can change lives, and baby a blizzard is coming." Generally I'm not in favor of pejorative terms, when it is used I have the feeling you're not listening to what I have to say and are judging me based on your shortcomings. I think we need more Social Justice Warriors, why the hell would that be a bad thing?

HippieChick58 Level 9 Mar 27, 2018

because they promote division with the "check your privilege" BS all the while ignoring all the privilege they have already. all people have some privilege and face some oppression except the wealthy but the SJW blames and hates white men for all of the problems and ignore any fact that goes against their rhetoric, they are just as racist and sexist as anyone in the KKK and that blizzard has been met with a heat wave named Trump. the SJW rhetoric lost to a buffoon.

So far no one has approved the snowflake post, above. I did not because it is an ad hominem attack.

@EdEarl how so? You can always flag it if you want

@btroje some feel sjw is a pejorative term, and snowflake certainly is. Among people who fight for social justice are many differences. It is bigoted to say I hate Whites or any other group of people including sjws. I don't approve of bigotry, and will not help someone who is bigoted.

@EdEarl so are you talking about the post that started this thread or the one by Hippie Chick?

I really like the blizzard.

@EdEarl I found the "ALL SJWs are....." comment extremely ignorant. Almost as bad as the OP who says he cannot stand essentially the majority of the people in this community.

My motto here at Agnostic.com is that my life is too short to entertain rude fools for ANY amount of time. Therefore, after I read the profile of the "ALL SJWs are......" guy, I read his profile, saw when he joined, made an evaluation about whether I would miss him if he were gone, and then blocked him. Poof! Gone.

And, now I'm back to the regularly-scheduled programming.

@btroje Sorry for the confusion, I'm saying calling someone a sjw with or without snowflake is bigoted. Revision.
Talking about the term is OK, but people in the discussion need to be careful to keep to the issues and not make it personal. Moreover, using the word HATE is suggestive of bigotry because it is such a strong word.

@BlueWave You have the right, but someone needs to educate the ignorant.

@EdEarl I am following now. agreed

@EdEarl I happily cede that chore to you, Ed. Enjoy! smile001.gif

@BlueWave citizens in a democracy must act against injustice

@BlueWave I second both motions. I think ignoring this post can be just as effective or more so than dozens of members disagreeing with the sentiments expressed by the poster. This type of post is done with the intention of provoking a reaction, and nothing any member writes is going to change this poster's opinion.

This will be my first block! A milestone smile001.gif

@PappyOnWings First, exactly and precisely. Next, LOL! Congrats! You won't miss him. smile001.gif

@jorj You are part of the deep seated problem that sustains all of the "isms" many of us seek to dismantle. I found you another newspaper article...

@DoctoralZombie just an opinion piece....nothing of substance

@DoctoralZombie it is actually u that supports the "isms", not me. I'm not part of feminISM. Not part of any ISM. I look at the facts and go where they take me and I live with liberal ideology as my politics. Sorry that the new age right wing policy democrats aren't liberal anymore and push ISM stuff to get votes. If they would push policy like Bernie we wouldn't have Trump now but always remember, they aren't with us, we were to be "with her" instead. But yeah, I push the ISM stuff.

@jorj There are several people on this thread that consider themselves to be social justice warriors. Did you ask them if they hated white men? Did you ask them if they felt superior to white men because whiteness and maleness are inferior to their race and gender? I suspect their answers will not support your claims.

@DoctoralZombie I respond to any and all. Actual SJW people that are honest and want true justice don't get so defensive about having facts put in to the discussion. U are the one that got all hyped because feminism is a failure in today's political climate. Some people are SJW but don't fit the SJW mode of assumptions and insults as their style of discussion, because the things they stand for have logical reasoned evidence to back it up. When people have to go straight to calling someone a supremacist of any sort it really shows just how intellectually weak they are on the issue. Notice I haven't tried to make u out to be anything, I just discuss the issue at hand while u jump all over the place just so u have a reason to dismiss me with some make believe claim u made up in your own head because u can't show a valid argument against what I have said.

@DoctoralZombie from our talks we have come to the conclusion that feminism is about equality for all even tho they only talk about women's wants, men's rights groups are hate groups, and any man who mentions men's rights is a male supremacist but at the same time we are all working for EQUALITY for everyone....this is the stupidity of American politics and just how far people have been brainwashed and propagandized. So, did I miss anything? Just want to know if I'm supposed to sit quietly and never bring up any issues me or men face and know that, even tho feminism is only about women's issues and is the only acceptable group to be part of involving equality of the sexes, men's issues are getting covered.

Honest question. What kind of logic am I supposed to use to justify all of this? Or is it that because of things that happened way before my time, that I had no control of, I don't deserve a voice at the table now? This whole agenda and rhetoric of the left wing is the biggest republican selling point out there. Why do u think they only run ads that mention Hillary and Pelosi? I know it's because they are sexist and all but I would also say it is because they know the majority of Americans don't fall for the BS pushed by that group of neo-liberal liars.

@jorj So, that's clearly a no, then. Thought so.

@jorj You can bring up what ever issue you want. It is not my responsibility to championion them. I can choose to or not as my ethics dictate. As a feminist, I choose to elevate women, hopefully (eventually) to the same level of power and opportunity that men currently have. Where in that statement do you get that feminists are covering up male issues? Do you honestly think men are socially, economically and politically disadvantaged in this country?

@DoctoralZombie the opportunity is already there. That's why women are 60% of college grads and make more than men do in their twenties. U can't force them to keep working and many choose to not work the same amount of hours as men so the only problem is the women have to take more responsibility in the careet area or family area and be happy with the decision. That is what men have to do as well. U are pushing for equality of outcome and that is a whole other things thing completely.

@DoctoralZombie I honestly think ALL people have privileges and oppressions. The problem is some people are allowed a voice to fight while others are silenced and talked down on. Women of the west are the most privileged group of the whole world but refuse to take credit for the success that feminism had in the past and continue to push non-issue today that just drive division and hate. Even Trump becoming president hasn't taught people to self reflect and notice how they are just as big of a problem as any of the others.

@jorj The equality of outcome argument that you are attempting to use is only relevant when all significant barriers to opportunity are absent. Which they clearly are not in the case of gender.

@jorj yes, intersectionality exists. But the white, Christian, heterosexual, cis-gendered male takes pride of place in our society.

@DoctoralZombie nothing stopping women except their selves.

@DoctoralZombie the oppression of Americans is based on socioeconomic status. Until people start fighting for ALL we will all keep losing. Women have it no worse than any other person who is their equal on the socioeconomic level. U just want to be the biggest victim, that is all the left is now days. Everyone fights over who has things worse when truth is we ALL have it equal with the elites being the only ones not oppressed.

@jorj Racial, ethnic and gender stratification determines socioeconomic status. Cannot have one without the other. Nice try though.

@DoctoralZombie nice try but over 70% of people would be bankrupt because of one hospital visit. It is nothing to do with race but racists like the SJW can't see anything but race or sex. It's never about ALL people when SJW start goin. It's about a few certain groups that are what I call the victim gang. We ALL are suffering, not just select few.

@DoctoralZombie the whole SJW bunch wants to act like every single white man alive is a club carrying member of the 1%. U destroy the only side of politics that is supposed to be about equality with your divisive race baiting and straight up dishonesty. U push people away then tell them they are racist because they won't vote for the party that tells them how they are the problem with everything. A child can see why this stuff lead us to Trump.

@jorj There is so much really good research out here about race, ethnicity, gender and socioeconomic ststus. You should try reading it. Or you could continue to claim they are unrelated...

@jorj Want me to find your binky for you?

@DoctoralZombie sure, find me a binky. It's amazing just how childish u feminist can get. U are the ones crying all the time so it's u that needs a binky.


I'm for justice period. Nothing more or less.

jorj Level 8 Mar 27, 2018

If by "SJW" you mean the sort of progressive liberal who insists on rigid ideological adherence to a dizzyingly long list of unrelated policy positions, refuses to accept any compromise on any of them and responds with bitterness and anger to the existence of Democrats who have different opinions on a handful of issues, and makes statements like "Hillary Clinton is exactly the same as Donald Trump," and "Medicare for all is a good way to make sure we NEVER get to single payer," then yes, that sort of person annoys me too. Politics is about compromise, it takes a coalition of different kinds of people to win, and incremental improvement is both what is possible and preferable to the status quo.

If by "SJW" you mean the sort of person who says "African-Americans should have the same right to vote with real political effect as whites, and not get shot to death by the police while standing in their own damn back yards," or the sort of person who says "There isn't a good reason at all to exclude trans people from serving in the military," or the sort of person who says "Women get to decide what they do with their own bodies, not legislators," or the sort of person who says "Maybe it really isn't a good idea to sell AR-15's with bump stocks to 18-year-olds over the counter with no background checks," then, no, those sorts of people are quite welcome in my political sphere.

ErikGunderson Level 6 Mar 27, 2018

A great reply.



I agree with the sentiments already expressed in answer to you. If you don't like what SJWs stand for, how can you call yourself a liberal? My impression is that they are fighting for broad-based equality and freedom from various sorts of oppression. Political correctness seems to me to be a derogatory name given to courtesy and thinking about other people's feelings. Why are you looking for other people who think like you? I'd rather meet people who have views that are different from mine. It's never too late to learn.

CeliaVL Level 7 Mar 27, 2018

SJW are racist and sexist. they exclude any opinion of white men solely because of sex and skin color. they expect white men of today to feel guilty because of the problem of the past so they drive division just as much as anyone else. Justice is all we need, not a perversion of it.

his name is Mr COntroversy. Maybe the post is related to that

@jorj I think that is a bit sweeping.It may be that some of their number behave like that but surely not all? What about the people on this site? We are talking to you and considering your opinion with the same courtesy we would accord to anyone else. While you may have come across some individuals who behaved in a way you didn't like, won't you let the rest of us try to convince you that we want justice and equality for all, including white males?

@CeliaVL some people are SJW and some people arent. there have been some on this site that are respectful and talk but there have been just as many if not more that go straight to the insults or just block you for even stating an opinion. i been blocked on numerous thread by the original poster with no rebuttal or response and its easy to log out and still go back in to the thread and see what has been said so i know why i was blocked on them. they can't defend their positions against real facts is why.

and until the terms redneck and hillbilly are not acceptable i can't take any other racial slur as being not acceptable becasue we all know what is meant by redneck and hillbilly. just a way to insult white men with different opinions and it is perfectly acceptable by these SJW types. if they use those terms they don't want equality, they want white men to shut up and fall in line.

@jorj It is sad that some people are not prepared to discuss topics on a rational level. I really dislike name-calling, too. But I still think you are being too sweeping. There may well be people on this site who need to learn tolerance and develop the ability to discuss issues rather than just shouting at each other, but I am sure there are plenty of others who are happy to discuss issues with you in a courteous and open manner.

@jorj Redneck and hillbilly are classist, not racist. Minor clarification.

@DoctoralZombie and Islam is not a race but to criticize it means u are a racist if u listen to any leftie now days

@jorj It may mean you are racist, or dabbling in some form of sectarian bigotry, sure. It depends on what you said, of course.

@DoctoralZombie and u get to decide what is what I guess? Lmao

@DoctoralZombie redneck or hillbilly is just as derogative as any term out there. If u accept the use of them because they are used against people u don't like then it is hypocrisy to expect others to respect u and not use the terms u don't like. Like broad, chic, bitch, hoe, etc. Double standards are all we see from both sides of the political aisle anymore.

@jorj Um no, there are definitions for racism and bigotry. I promise you I didn't write them. Want me to find them for you?

@jorj wonder why "broad, chic, bitch, hoe" were the only examples you gave. Makes me wonder about you and your views of women.

@DoctoralZombie iwow....lol u act like as a man we shouldn't know the examples that women have given as being wrong. Now I'm a sexist for knowing what feminism has said for years. Sorry that I'm informed on the topic and your normal go to attacks and insults won't work sweetheart. It's a sad state when after 30 years u still got the same dismissive and insulting talking points. No wonder u, not women but YOU, feel so oppressed. U hate men and are sexist. It's easy to see with your constant attacks on me instead of staying on point with the discussion. Did your alcoholic daddy not love u enough and beat u up or was it your ex husband? I can do these childish things as well u know.


What are sjws? Don't forget there are some aliens on this site!

CeliaVL Level 7 Mar 27, 2018

SJW is Social Justice Warrior. Not sure about the S at the end.

SJW people promote horrible progressive views [https:///sarcasm///] such as feminism and civil rights.

@BufftonBeotch( funny name, btw) are you being facitious?

Big brother is probably watching, too.


no offense to you, sir/fella- i'm reading this and i can't help but think- "if he wants to know how many of us have similar sentiments"...--does he not care about the dissenting sentiments? PC, no? made me giggle. i'm guessing you didn't meant that- i'm just a bored smartass. BTW- what does sjws stand for???

nightowl Level 6 Mar 27, 2018

Social Justice Warrior

the dissenting sentiments are expressed all over the site and he just looking for people that agree with him is all.

social justice warrior


@jorj right. in and of itself, i could care less..but, juxtoposed with PC comment and i had to laugh...

@BlueWave so, what is a social justice warrior-it's so disappointing to learn that folks getting together (fucking necessary) and addressing shit at a grassroot levels or better, if possible, had been given some snarky, hip label...people can be so lazy...

@nightowl My only input is that the s at the end makes the word plural.


I guess one is either a A Social Justice Warrior or a Social Injustice Warrior. No bigger snowflakes than my fellow white males, who are so sensitive to people addressing the issue of our privilege. Take a damn look at the photos of the great majority of the leaders in our country. Notice a trend?

Rudy1962 Level 9 Mar 27, 2018

Well put.

the leaders are voted on not installed by other white men.

@jorj just like money perpetuates money, power perpetuates power. Also, not saying women haven't been their own worse enemies. And minorities, well they have been minorities and also subject to voter suppression. You have to admit it takes money to run for office these days

I agree that white male privilege is an important issue, but we need to call it that and be ready to explain what we mean, rather than lumping people together as 'rednecks' and the like. If this site is here to give support to atheists and agnostics we should be as inclusive as possible, not just speak to the well-educated or people who already share our views.

@CeliaVL You will be surprised by how many "rednecks" can back up their stances with well developed ideas and factual evidence to back it up. A huge chunk, if not the majority, of the left wing of today just loves to talk down on people so quick it isn't funny. They promote a divide just as bad as the Christian right with some of their antics, esp the way the coastal liberals talk down to the Middle Americans and Southerners as by default being uneducated.

@Rudy1962 Money and power are our worst problems now. We need term limits on all branches of government and we need to remove money from elections and use public financing.

@jorj Can you give me any examples of issues where this happens? Otherwise it is hard for me to get a clear idea of what you don't like about liberals.

@CeliaVL One perfect example is the way they claim Trump won the Rust Belt because of racism and sexism. They refuse to see that Trump went and offered to bring jobs back (albeit a lie) and Hillary didn't even campaign there but instead went after suburban republican moderates. The same states voted for Obama twice and then switched to Trump because Obama continued Bush plans and gave no change to anything for the working class.

Another example is the way that if you point out any issue where women have privilege over men you are labeled misogynist. Women have 4 times as much spent on them in healthcare, they have thousands of domestic abuse centers while men have very few, pretty much all women's issues are atleast taken serious and given an ear but if you point out men die at a younger age and could use more health funding all of a sudden you are a woman hater even though its a fact men are slighted in that area and feminism claims they fight for both sexes when they ignore mens issues 100%.

There are many more examples we could get in to but those two are the first to jump to mind. If you want more I will give them but I didn't want to leave a book here.


I always thought liberal and social justice warrior were somewhat synonymous.

btroje Level 9 Mar 27, 2018

Check your privilege. As an unmarried mixed-race woman, without SJWs of the past, a male cousin would have to hold my property and accounts, could marry me to himself or anyone he wanted to increase his access to wealth, sell me as a slave, and I certainly wouldn't have the right to vote. And this is all under laws that have only been overturned in the past two centuries.

TaraMarshall Level 7 Mar 27, 2018

that has been fixed by law and we never lived in that era. the SJW of today is a whole different thing and im open to any real discussion on issues but i just can't seem to find any where that people are actually discriminated against. any time there is someone doing that today they are prosecuted and pushed out of the public and shunned. the only real issue i see is the police and prisons and they are racist and sexist. black men get it worse than all else and men in general get it tons harder than women. where exactly are women getting mistreated based on there sex and i might be able to see your point about checking privilege but as it stands now women are the most privileged in our society by far.

@jorj, Domestic violence and murder. Women are much more likely to be abused or MURDERED by a partner.

Rape. I've had a couple cousins who were raped and murdered. I'm a rape survivor.

There are only HUNDREDS of examples of either that would show up on a cursory Google search.

@TaraMarshall link me to the stats u got on that. hundreds out of 320 million is not an epidemic. idont doubt there are individual cases of horrible things happening at all tho. stats outweigh personal experience and that is how i look at things. i take my personal experience out of the stats and see what they say.

@TaraMarshall i have no doubt there are rapists but the narrative has said "ALL men are potential rapists" and that is sexist as it can get. the ones that push the all cis gender white males are racist....all cis gendered white males are sexist....etc. are the people that are being talked about when i say SJW. not people that realize its not an "ALL" thing.

@TaraMarshall some interesting reads on domestic abuse. women are just as guilty of abuse as men. the numbers show that BOTH sexes have horrible people in them.




@jorj, yes, some women do it to. But the degree of physical damage and chances of being killed by a woman are significantly lower. So stop trying to pull the "all abuse matters" blanket over the problem.

@TaraMarshall lol, so all that matters is what happens to women. got it. never point out the truth....check.

So stop trying to pull the "all abuse matters" blanket over the problem.

This is why a fool like trump can win the POTUS

@jorj, the fact remains that serious bodily harm and death are much more likely in male on female abuse.

@TaraMarshall i agree with that all day but abuse is abuse and it all matters. No one deserves it but for some reason men are told to suck it up when it's them that are on the receiving end and some are even laughed at for allowing it to happen. What a double edge sword there. I just don't understand how pointing out facts that men get abused is frowned on, I thought the idea was that we were working for both sexes but for some reason men's issues are labeled anti-feminist and misogynistic.


I laugh at the irony of snowflakes complaining about snowflakes.

Instead of complaining about people being offended, why not address their complaints directly with a counter argument on why they shouldn't be offended?

What I mean is, to actually consider why they are offended and post arguments on why they shouldn't be offended.

Instead of simply complaining about being offended by someone being offended.

SamKerry Level 7 Mar 27, 2018

Also a great reply.

I do that very thing all the time and get blocked and called a racist or sexist just because i link them to a study or stats that prove their position wrong. No discussion at all, just insults and then block me. I expected more intellectual people to be on this site because its atheist and agnostic people that i thought were rational but i'm starting to think i was to quick to think that logic and reason would be part of the conversations here. I have met a few that have been great discussions on this site but the SJW infection is just as bad here as any where else.

@jorj Yeah, that's unfortunate if you are blocked or your comments flagged when they are respectful, not abusive, uses no labels, presents a different point of view that is both within topic and is not a logical fallacy ([yourlogicalfallacyis.com] and the data presented is from reputable sources (i.e. can be found in both sides of the political divide - which means the data is raw rather than "beautified" to suit a narrative).

Knowing logical fallacies is important. Otherwise, discussions becomes about the reasoning behind the claim rather than the main topic of the discussion. Admittedly, in one of our discussions, I presented some "false cause" logical fallacies. But I did it only to show you that your original cause-and-effect argument WAS a "false cause fallacy". I don't know if using one logical fallacy claim to explain that another claim could be the same logical fallacy is against the rules of debating or not. I'm no debater. :/

@SamKerry ive been told the US Consensus Bureau is misleading and Bloomberg is wrong then linked to hyper feminist or partisan sites as the rebuttal on many cases around the web. not so much here but the bureau claim has happened here i know for sure.

@jorj Ahh yeah, that's when I call for an "agree to disagree" truce. When data conflicts with each other, they basically cancel each other out also.

@SamKerry im with you on that that all day too. SJW just tell you what it is and won't give you sources and then attack you for questioning them or showing facts that contradict them. That is who I call SJW snowflakes cause they are. They just repeat what they hear and don't know if its true or not.


Liberal trump-hater. And Social Justice Warrior as well I guess.

sassygirl3869 Level 9 Mar 27, 2018

Any position can be taken to unhealthy extremes. When people who identify as liberals or progressives won’t allow an opposing view to be expressed on their campus or in their town, they have lost touch with the principles they claim to support. On the other hand, it doesn’t seem particularly wise to me, when looking for a pejorative with which to smear those people, to choose a phrase that could be seen, by some, to smear the entirety of the progressive movement. The conservative demeaning of social justice does not need the assistance of liberals of any stripe. In any case, more progress is made by respectfully sharing facts than by name-calling. The minute you can’t stand “X” (those people) you’re doing identity politics.

skado Level 8 Mar 27, 2018

Liberal. SJWs. Political correctness. Racism. Fascism. Neo-cons. Snowflakes. Patriots. Traitors.

Labels, one and all. Useful shorthand in a world where we drown everyday in more information than humanity has every had access to - so much so that we fall back on these empty labels and categories. It's easier that way. It's how we cope. That, and sharing cat videos on YouTube, FFS.

I loathe labels. They are lazy. You just apply your sticky label to that box and FedEx it into the echo chamber of the internet.

A mob is a mob, I get that - that's how humanity rolls. We've had a lot of practice at it. But when you can talk one on one with someone, that's where you can get somewhere in understanding where they are coming from. My golden rule - shut up and listen. Forget the labels. Just listen.

Palindromeman Level 7 Mar 27, 2018


I'm open to listening to and agreeing with anyone.

I think one of the big reasons for people in the US holding their political beliefs and getting angry with others, is that the terminology makes zero sense.

McIntyre Level 6 Mar 27, 2018

plural noun: SJWs
short for social justice warrior.
"there will be an uproar from SJWs"
You don't like them? Don't join them?

Spinliesel Level 8 Mar 27, 2018

The SJW's I can't stand (both right wing and left wing) are the ones who claim to be all about equality and freedom of expression... so long as it fits exactly in to their idea of what equality and freedom of expression imply:

  • The right wing SJW who claims to be all about "protecting unborn babies", but couldn't give less of a shit about a kid once they pop out of a vagina.
  • The left wing SJW who is all about "staying out of people's personal lives", but throws a shit fit and wants to cry discrimination when some backward ass, homophobic, fuck wad, ignoramous, deeply closeted fag of a hillbilly exercises their perfectly legal right to deny a homosexual access to their property.
  • The right OR left wing SJW who is all about "states rights", but suddenly wants to tell a state which has elected by voter approval to legalize something (marijuana/ gambling/ prostitution/ gun ownership) that the federal gub'ment is gonna step in and put a stop to it.

The list goes on and on. So many SJW's to hate. So little time.

webbew1 Level 7 Mar 27, 2018

"backward ass, homophobic, fuck wad, ignoramous, deeply closeted fag of a hillbilly"

this part of the statement is what i talk about all the time. u can say this all day and everyone just laughs but if u said something like some uppity , know it all, fuck wad, deeply closeted fag of a (anything other races slur or used lesbian) u would be slammed with your whole life getting flipped upside down. as long as its something against the white male u can be as racist or bigoted as u want to be and no prob. this is what gets Trump re-elected.


Personal property would entail any part of an individuals land holdings or posessions which they can legally claim outright ownership of through either financial purchase or inheritence and is not utilized for publically executed discourse, business or trade.

@ jorj...

I won't believe that those type of people make up the largest majority of the US (or world) populace. I can't. Because if that is true, then we are headed towards a dark ages like none seen since the decline of the Roman Empire.

I have to believe that what is happening now is just a small blip on the radar and that education and reason will soon assert themselves again. To believe otherwise is not even fathomable.

Tell that to a paranoid hillbilly with a shot gun. They think that every single homosexual on the planet is trying to break in to their house and bugger them in the ass.


All Liberals are SJW snowflakes, come parts of the package. Speaking as someone who is from a centre viewpoint,. .

I'm a liberal that is attacked by liberals because i don't tow the line of their ideology of today. I'll always be an FDR New Deal Democrat and love Bernie (even though i do have some issues against him too) but I do know the kind of "liberal" you are speaking of there. I'm even part of the Conservative group here and have had some good discussions with some of them in there. It is problematic to claim "ALL" in most things.


I think I know what you're referring to...what comes to mind is some of the leaders of the Women's March who seem self-serving but can you clarify? I didn't know this had a name and I do have similar sentiments if true.

crazycurlz Level 7 Mar 27, 2018

the ones that shout down and try to silence any white man from speaking is what he is referring to. youtube the term SJW and u will see them.

@jorj I will check it out. Thanks for responding jorj


So what is the deal here? Hillary haters? Bernie supporters? Nobody, Fringe groups or Independent supporters?

TerriCity Level 7 Mar 30, 2018

SJW? what is that?

TerriCity Level 7 Mar 30, 2018

It basically stands for social justice warrior and at first glance you might think it's a compliment but it's not. On the internet it's a sarcastic expression to describe people who give REAL social justice a bad name. People whose intentions might be good but who do stupid shit and act like huge hypocrites in the name of social justice. It's not hard to be a liberal and NOT be a stupid idiot like one of these SJWs. The whole point is that they misrepresent the left and provide fodder for the rightwingers. They are a problem that the left has and the left doesn't want to acknowledge it. And that's a pity. Because the left has the majority of the good ideas.


Thanks...never heard of SJW before...

Wageslave Level 4 Mar 27, 2018
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