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Social group for Atheists to hangout, discuss, post, and plan for possible local events. Denver is the hub but this group isnโ€™t meant to be restricted to only Denver area events or members.

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Good morning to my atheist friends in big D!๐Ÿ˜
Eagle62 Mar 6 Mar 6 00
Hi! Anybody here get involved with Atheists Helping the Homeless in Denver?
uttertim Feb 27 Feb 27 00
My sis had some open-heart surgery; will be discharged next month with rehab!
Eagle61 Oct 26 Oct 26 00
Does the group have anyone interested in a protest against the Westboro Baptist Church? They'll be in Colorado Springs Sunday, October 13.
LimitedLight Oct 8 Oct 8 00
Hey group! I'm wondering if this society of Denver area and Colorado Atheists has ever met up? Either way, i'd like to get in on the next one, or plan one. Now that the craziness of summer schedules is behind us, and before the holiday season ...
MrLink Sep 3 Sep 3 22
Hello everyone, Im a mid 60s man that has lived in the deep south most of my life. Now i live on the outskirts of Denver and i am new to the area. In looking for like minded friends to dine, talk, and go to events with. Drop me a line, I love to...
thethinker Aug 8 Aug 8 22
Well, it appears as though the originator of this group has abandoned it. So, as the senior member of the group, it landed in my lap. I thought I should at least say hello to you all. We haven't been active here but, I welcome any topics you all have...
Duke May 31 May 31 33
Looking forward to seeing this group grow and get some events going, although I may not be able to attend. Denver Metro Area Native. 2nd generation. Love this State and it's history.
Dingodog Apr 29 Apr 29 11
I don't live in Denver but it would give me an excuse to go somewhere. I've driven that road many, many times.
sewchick57 Apr 14 Apr 14 11
This is your group--any members can post, suggest content, and post group activities, so feel free to get to know the locals!
WileEQuixote Apr 14 Apr 14 00