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Hello Beautiful....I've missed you ❤
Skinny Puppy: Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse


Qualia 8 Oct 11
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The Process is and likely will always be my favorite Skinny Puppy album, but these are all the way up there on my list!


I absolutely love Skinny Puppy!

Jnei Level 8 Oct 11, 2018

Me too, well I like the old stuff. Mind was my summer soundtrack circa 1990, played it into the ground. It really speaks to me!
Also adore Cevin Key's stuff. LOVE "Dragon Experience" (gorgeous!) and Music for Cats.
Iv'e a ton of Download also.

Bites is another favorite.

Sheesh, getting old. How could I forget Censor?! Played that smooth too. ❤ The guitars... the percussion. Some of this had to grow on me, but once it did... those can turn out to be my favorite things. I'd more myelin on my nerves back then, but once set, it's there.