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Pretty little song by Jeff Pevar (Ray Charles - Crosby, Stills & Nash - Phil Lesh & Friends - Joe Cocker - Rickie Lee Jones - Marc Cohn - Jefferson Starship - Bette Midler and currently tours with David Crosby who he's been with for a couple of decades) with a little tinge of bluegrass...without the busy-ness. From his 'Core' album:

Highway-Starr 7 Jan 19
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Jeff Pevar is an amazing guitar player. I saw him tag along with John Kadlecik's solo band a few years back. Got into the venue early, and he was still doing sound check - just improvising, and it turned out that 30 minute jam was one of the show's highlights.

Byrdsfan Level 8 Jan 19, 2019

Went to see him, his wife Inger and some friends over here in Ashland OR (where they live) at 'The Stone House' around the holidays. Fairly regular event, in fact there is one tonight that I couldn't make. They also have a fun group called Zepdrix (lol) where they tribute late 60's 70's music. I saw him with Crosby (and his son James Raymond) in Estes Park CO at the Stanley Hotel last June. Waved to him as he walked through the restaurant. These three made up the group CPR that has put out so much (unheralded) good music. For some reason they stopped recording under the CPR name in the 00's but continue touring with the same members under Crosby's name. Croz has been on fire, releasing 'Croz' in '14, 'Lighthouse' in '16, Sky Trails in '17 and 'Here If You Listen' last October. There are some beauties in that bunch!

@Highway-Starr You're right about Croz being so prolific in the last few years. I have the first CPR disk and it's terrific. I am still holding out hope that Croz will collaborate on a record and tour with Hillman and McGuinn. We'll see.

@Byrdsfan CPR's next album "Just LIke Gravity' is no slouch either. That's where Crosby's son James Raymond really grows his chops as a songwriter. There's a lot of dysfunction in the Crosby/Byrds/CSNY orbit these days, and Nash is going around badmouthing Crosby every chance he gets. -Here's a little known clip of CPR on a Dutch TV show. Pretty stunning work by them all. Feel Crosby's pride for his son as he taps his chest after Raymond's beautiful solo:

@Highway-Starr Yeah. McGuinn is the holdout on that. Croz and Chris have guested each other in the past couple of years. I'm encouraged that McGuinn has regular, and very cordial, interactions with Croz on Twitter. I saw two separate shows of the Sweetheart of the Rodeo tour in LA and Austin, and it seemed that Roger was enjoying being part of a band again. I met Croz about 25 years ago, and we had a nice conversation about Byrds music, he was very down to earth and cordial.

@Byrdsfan That's pretty awesome to meet history. I saw CPR in San Fran as they were supporting 'Just Like Gravity' at the Maritime Hall. Pevar and Raymond were just walking around the venue as not many knew who they were. Sitting close to the stage I locked eyes with Crosby very briefly, and seemed to me I was looking into the eyes of a raptor!