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❤ The Crablouse ❤

Shakti [Feat Jade 4U ]

Boy Toy - Touch My Body

❤!!! 101 - Just As Long As I Got You (Jade 4 U)

Darling Nikkie - Sugar Cane

Qualia 8 Dec 9
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Pretty sure I got my tinnitus at a lords of acid concert. 😮

I've only seen them once. It was outdoors and uhm, nothing to write home about.
For me they're a studio band, when they're good, they're REALLY GOOD, when they're bad, they suck, and not in a good way.

I can agree with that assesment. When I saw them it was indoors and akin to the studio experience... fixed set list... good accoustics... etc. Just stood too close to the speakers I think and thus I've been "hearing" them always since that time. lol

@TheMiddleWay Envious you got to see them sounding good.
I do dearly love Praga Khan & Jade. Good times back in the day. I confess I don't listen to the new stuff.

@TheMiddleWay ha & while I found PK's Time zone something bad ass I've never heard before popped up, circa' 93.


Praga Khan

Qualia Level 8 Dec 9, 2018