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LINK Vile Sound Wave, Song, (Self titled, VileSoundWave)

This...This is it, right here. If there were ever a set of sounds, mixed, combined, smashed & thrown together that could accurately describe how I feel or what it means to be me, this is it.

Vile 4 Nov 4
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I like this. It reminds me of coming home from a rave circa 1991, completely mashed in the back seat of a crappy old car doing 90mph up the A4 motorway out of Rotterdam - which is something of a surprise, because looking at the imagery associated with it I thought it was going to be 900bpm splittercore.

I have some old tunes of my own on Soundcloud, if you'd like to have a listen. [soundcloud.com]

Jnei Level 8 Nov 4, 2019

O most defiantly, and thank you as well..