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When you say "eclectic" ... how eclectic are you ready to get?

surrealhoax 7 Feb 22
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I have to keep it weird and make some of my selections a bit punky as well.


More of the same and similar artists in comments. Artist is not paying me (but I would cash a check if it showed up).

Im likin what you are bringin sir! Please... Share On!!!

Most of the things I post are not well known, typically, but I don't go very avant garde for fear that no one will have any freakin idea what im posting! haha

one question... is that... a form of a Theremin... or is that the... laser harp? Wow, wonder if he was influenced or was a fan of Kraftwerk since they started around the same time and are Both usual electronica born of the late 70s.

@Sadoi I don't know enough about the tech, but I think it is like a very minimalist laser harp.

@surrealhoax daaamn! Awesome!! Dig it!!! 😉 I shall be keeping an eye on Your Posts, sir!


As long as you don't post the Bay City Rollers! Interesting piece, tho I don't know how much the lasers added to the actual music, great stage effect, tho!

phxbillcee Level 9 Feb 22, 2018

The "phonon" is set up to link light show and performance. It allowed the performer to control presets by interrupting the laser or making a distance-based signal. Here is more from Susumu Hirawasa in concert (shout out to all those anime fans who start recognizing the tunes).

I Believe that laser thing is an instrument. lol! Im kinda sure those are both some form of instrument.

@Sadoi Pretty sure you are right, just didn't seem to add much, I mean one hand wave every 30 seconds sure ain't speed metal!

@phxbillcee They have a large tesla coil in the background that is incorporated in some songs. I do think that it is mostly for show, however.


I LOVE IT!!! Mooore!!

Sadoi Level 7 Feb 22, 2018

I was sure to include much more above.

Here is a different Susumu (different person, different musical sensibilities, same level of awesome).

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